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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Hello! I am Simrat, passionate about helping my clients lead healthy and fulfilling lives. I am a professional, experienced and accredited Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist and certified neuroscience-based Life Coach. I love to help people just like you with stress & anxiety-related issues.

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15 customer reviews

1 November 2023

Simrat worked with me to address my binge drinking habits and helped me to change the way I think about alcohol and its role in my life. Her exercises were extremely helpful and gave me new insights into myself and my relationship with alcohol which enabled me to cut down enormously! More...

28 November 2022

I came to Simrat for my insomnia which I have been struggling to solve for many years without success. Through her amazing empathy and gentle non-judgemental manner, she very quickly was able to get to the routes of the problem. The sleep issues were not going to be solved in isolation. They were a by-product of my thoughts, anxiety and deeper routed issues surrounding relaxation.

Throughout the sessions, using a combination of CBT, meditations and hypnotherapy, she has provided me with invaluable tools that I needed to move forward. My sleep is now so much better than it has been for a long time and I have managed to alter some of my thinking patterns.

I found the meditation/hypnotic sessions were absolutely amazing and they have shown me that I am capable of relaxing.

Thank you, Simrat


29 April 2022

I am and will always be so incredibly grateful to Simrat for all her help and guidance throughout our time together. For such a long time I rejected and felt uncomfortable at the idea of asking for and accepting help, as I found myself in a hole that I didn't think I could get out of. The best thing about my sessions with Simrat was that rather than encountering her offering a hand to help me out of that hole, she gave me words, the thought connections and the tools, until I felt strong enough to start to help myself out of that dark and lost place. I couldn't recommend Simrat highly enough and keep the techniques, shared laughter and more puddly session close to both my heart and my mind! :) More...

8 March 2022

I decided to see Simrat because I had sleep issues. Our weekly sessions enabled me to see how stress and my negative thinking was affecting my ability to get a good nights sleep. Through our sessions she gave me various techniques to try, which enabled me to uncover the root causes of my condition. The quality of my sleep has improved, and I am able to focus better because of it. I found Simrat to be very understanding and supportive, she has the ability to put you completely at ease. I am happy to say that I now have a set of tools that I can apply to different areas of my life. Thank you Simrat. More...

7 February 2022

BrainTree Performance Coaching has helped me to distress and focus on now goals. This service was highly recommended to use and I am glad I did. I am much happier, determined and focused than before, the one to one session by an amazing therapist Simrat, has allowed me to express what was bothering me, her questions had led me to realise what was the problem and how to resolve it. Moreover, here Hypnosis therapy was spot on for releasing my stress, for example, I walk in the therapist room with pain and stress, by the end of the session, all the pain is gone and that good feelings lasted a long time and off course she would follow up with me. Thank you ever so much for an excellent support and service! More...

11 December 2021

I was unwell due to an illness and Simrat supported be throughout it all and provided me with all the tools necessary to improve. Her work was very beneficial to me and my family. I recommend Simrat to anyone who is going through a tough time, and I thank Simrat for the improvements I’ve made regarding my health. More...

9 December 2021

I went to Simrat to get hypnotherapy for my insomnia and on-going issues with sleep. My hope was that hypnotherapy would trigger something in my subconscious, but Simrat did so much more than that. Over a number of weeks she listened and reflected back to me the underlying issues holding the problem in place, and helped me work through these (through a combo of counselling and hypno). She made me feel very comfortable to open up and was highly intuitive about spotting negative thought patterns (I hadn't even spotted myself). Not only am I sleeping a lot better, but I feel so very much happier and more confident thanks to her support. More...

26 October 2021

I came to see Simrat because I was suffering from severe health anxiety following the birth of my second baby. She put me at ease straight away with her warm and knowledgeable manner. Her sessions were clear, focused and even sometimes fun! My improvement week by week was astonishing to me- I didn’t think I would be able to feel better and the tools Simrat equipped me with will be useful the rest of my life. Really glad I chose this path. More...

22 October 2021

Her sessions have been exceptionally helpful, she helped me cope with negative thinking that’s been an obstacle in my life as well as dealing with difficult relationships. Thank you very much it has been a pleasure working with you! More...

24 August 2021

At the beginning of this year, I was struggling with anxiety (in the form of panic attacks) and feelings of depression. I found Simrat online and am so unbelievably grateful to Simrat and our carefully planned out sessions. Simrat provided me with the coping skills that I needed in order to move forward with my life. I could not recommend Simrat more highly. I have walked away with so much more confidence and a new mental clarity. Simrat not only provided wonderful and eye opening sessions, but also resources such as home tapes that I was able to engage with in between sessions, showing me how I was capable of healthily processing my emotions independently. I am so full of gratitude - thank you! More...

24 May 2021

Simrat was invaluable in helping me to overcome my anxiety and depression. I was suffering from daily debilitating panic attacks prior to beginning my sessions with Simrat, but after several months of work together I have not had a panic attack for months and I am so much more confident in myself. Simrat was always professional, kind and compassionate and I felt that she always created a safe space for me. She helped me to practice a range of techniques to help challenge my anxiety, including hypnotherapy, progressive muscle relaxation and cognitive behavioural therapy. For the first time in a long time I truly feel better equipped to deal with my anxiety in the future. I can't thank Simrat enough for her help and I would recommend her without hesitation. More...

12 March 2021

I was experiencing post natal anxiety and insomnia, feeling like I couldn’t cope. After only a few sessions with Simrat my sleep improved immensely. She helps me with my anxiety by educating me on how the brain works and giving me the tools and the confidence to change and grow. More...

17 December 2020

I couldn't see how anyone would be able to help me in my grief.
With Simrat's intuitive knowledge and guidance I now feel much more able to cope, not only with my grief, but the patience and understanding shown to me has helped to alter my mindset and I have become a more assertive, happier person.
I am deeply grateful to you Simrat for showing me the way.
Thank you, Elaine

11 September 2020

I was suffering from major anxiety, anger and could not focus/concentrate. I am so thankful for Simrat’s help. Frequent sessions with Simrat helped me overcome my anxiety completely. I recommend Simrat’s therapy sessions 10 out of 10 More...

8 August 2020

Dear Simrat, Your guidance has turned me into calm, capable and confident person. Your inquisitive nature and commitment has inspired me in several ways. Thank you! Best regards - Meenakshi More...


I love seeing my clients flourish and lead fulfilling lives. Helping others aligns me with my own values thereby bringing meaning to my life.

Originally from a corporate background, I was lucky to have time to reflect on my own life and to choose a path more in tune with who I had become as a result of my diverse life experience. Growing self-awareness together with my love for psychology, helped me to understand that I was seeking emotional fulfilment in my work. Therefore it was time to embark on a career that helped people to align with their authentic self and their true desire. Allowing balance to be restored!
I am a registered member of General hypnotherapy register, An accredited member of General Hypnotherapy Standard Council and Member of Association for Coaching.

"Revitalised, Renewed, Uplifting, Wonderful" are some of the words used by clients while describing the services I offer.
My background in Psychology, experience and training as an accredited Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist and certified Neuropsychology based life coach equips my clients with the knowledge and coping skills necessary to bring the change that they are seeking. Ultimately, allowing them to be their own therapist/coach. Bespoke plans are crafted to meet the needs of my clients in a warm and supportive environment. Thereby celebrating the uniqueness in each and every one of us.
I am a registered member of General hypnotherapy register, an accredited member of General Hypnotherapy Standard Council and Member of Association for Coaching.


Some of the area I cover:
- Career Development & Transition
- Stress Management
- Overcoming Anxiety
- Anger Management
- Panic Attack
- Irrational fears
- Insomnia
- Confidence /Self-esteem
- Building Motivation
- Realising your true potential
- Achieving goals
- Leadership style & management
- Improving productivity & performance
- Dealing with change