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Clinical Reflexology treatment uniquely tailored to your health needs, using specially trained methods to bring balance and harmony back into your body, mind and emotions. First treatment £50 including a half hour consultation and a one hour treatment, following treatments £45.

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I love the positive transformation that I see in my clients after a course of treatments. I truly enjoy the difference that Reflexology makes, and changes can happen in a short space of time. It is truly remarkable, and never ceases to amaze me.

I was seeing a Reflexologis myself for several years and was amazed by the results, that I wanted to qualify and share this amazing treatment.

I belive that each person is truly unique and I tailor my treatment for each client. I have qualifications in Aromatherapy and Nutritional Medicine, and have a passion and love for good health and how we can trulyl heal the body, mind and emotions by making the correct choices.