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Cardiff, Wales

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Acceler8me is a management consultancy firm that helps businesses all of sizes grow. We help directors and entrepreneurs build Business Plans, Financial Forecasts, Marketing Strategies and Growth Strategies.

Once a business is investment ready we assist them in finding ‘Smart Money’ Investors and applying for Government Grants.

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I love watching small businesses and start-ups grow. I love seeing the spark in an entrepreneurs/founders eye when we finally get their plans right. I love seeing their businesses grow and hitting targets they wanted to hit.

I am a strong believer that there is no such thing as a bad idea, only bad execution. We work on finding your plan to execution.

There were so many directors/entrepreneurs with great ideas, or even great turnover businesses, but no plans on how they were going to grow their businesses. After a while these businesses hit a wall, either they can't get funding, or they suddenly wake up having cashflow issues, and it all comes down to having no plans or idea why they can't grow their core business.

We never say we know more than the director of the company. We are consultants. Our job is to be an unemotionally involved 3rd party, who can look down on a company or an idea, and see the wood from the trees.

Because we can help you grow your business.
Because I am straight forward and don't beat around the bush.
Because I don't work for you, I work for your business.
and Because I don't tell you how to do anything, I merely suggest ways you can make your business more efficient, effective and leaner.