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We offer a range of cleaning services that are always completed to a high standard that all of our clients for the past 10 years have always been happy with. The services we provide include, window cleaning including the latest technology which is the reach and wash system, enabling us to clean the windows at height from the ground at heights up to around 60/70 feet.

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23 October 2020

Gutter Cleaning

Provided a very professional service andwas very particular when cleaning and mending guttering.


We love meeting new clients and after carrying out the work seeing how happy they are with it and not only happy with the job, happy with the friendly service and tbh the two funny, talkative and friendly guys that have done job

Rather than watching managers, supervisors etc take all the credit for work done by the guys on the lower end of the spectrum, seeing how clients praised them and knowing that we could go and do that ourselves and enjoy the satisfaction that we have completed a job to a clients standard, and engage directly with the clients We decided to give it ago.

We went and decided on taking a massive risk 10 years ago by quitting our full time jobs. Scraping together what we had between us which was just enough to buy a cheap van and the basic gear for window cleaning. Our dedication in the first year in our opinion was outstanding as it took alot of time to build just enough for a wage for both our families to survive on. Now we have two new vans fully kitted out with the latest equipment for carrying out the services that we do and are looking to expand again. We are new to bark so with regards to reviews, we havnt got that far yet but are confident due to previous and current clients that anyone accepting our services will be more than happy.