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I'm a creative person who has a natural problem solving mind. I love to create logos and vector graphics. My ideal job would be to freelance creating stunning visual graphics and logos.

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It must be easy to navigate, and be visually interesting whilst not over powering the senses.

Is there any existing logos, fonts,images that need to still be used?
Are you happy for me to supply you with ideas, or do you have something special in mind?
How soon do you need the work completing?
Would you have any reservations for me to use the designs in my portfolio, only as examples of my work?

I start with the old fashioned pen and paper and work out ideas quickly, one I have some that I'm happy with I transfer these to the Mac and then work them into a clean visually appealing piece of work that I am proud of.

Their ideas so far. Also how much room for deviation, how open they are to ideas that they may not have thought of. Brand guidelines-company colours, fonts etc.

Being creative. I Love the challenge of staring with a blank page and forming something that will become both visually stunning and useful.

I really want to give people the best user experience, one on one focus and truly be able to give them what they want.

I will devote myself to the task and client, giving them something that I am proud of and exceeding their expectations.