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Why should you book an Airport Transfer?

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Alex, Staff Writer

Monday, 22 February 2021

Why should you book an Airport Transfer?

When booking a holiday or business trip, your thoughts naturally turn to sunnier climates and the chance to relax. However, there is the small matter of getting to and from the airport, which requires you to be on time and arrive at the right terminal. Plus, the journey back when you return home again can be at an unsociable hour due to the time difference. 

Driving yourself to the airport will mean coughing up eye-watering parking charges. It’s also not always sensible to drive if you are returning from a long haul trip with little sleep. Public transport may not offer a direct journey and will involve you carting your luggage on and off at different points. 

A solution that can fit everyone’s needs is to book an airport transfer instead. Here are just some of the benefits that the service can offer you. 

Less stress

While the idea of travelling is that it’s supposed to be enjoyable, the reality can be pretty stressful. How you start your day can count for a lot, and nothing induces pre-holiday stress more than being stuck in traffic when check-in has already opened or missing your connection on public transport. Why subject you and your family to such hassle, when an airport transfer can offer you a door to terminal service instead? 

Also, if your return flight is delayed and you miss the bus or train, how will you get home again? Airport transfer drivers will monitor your flight, so even if it does arrive late they will be well aware of this. If you’ve booked a journey home, that is what you’ll get regardless. 

Dedicated service

Airport transfer drivers are well experienced in getting people to the airport on time for their flight and bringing them home again. They will have an expert understanding of the airport and which terminal you require. 

The same cannot be said for regular taxi drivers who may be unfamiliar with the area or airport procedures (such as non-drop-off zones), especially if they don’t specialise in airport transfers specifically. 

Flexible vehicle options

When you order a taxi or even hop on a bus, you have no control over the amount of space that will be available. If you’ve ever been sandwiched on public transport with a suitcase, you’ll know just how uncomfortable this can be. With a pushchair or wheelchair, this situation is even worse.

On the flip side, you’ll have a very wide choice when it comes to the vehicle that will be used for your airport transfer. So whether you’re travelling light or have excess baggage that could rival that of a celebrity - everything will be taken care of for you. 

Better for those with special requirements

For anyone who is elderly or has a disability, navigating airports can be challenging at the best of times. Whilst inside the airport, the staff can offer various ways of helping to make your journey as smooth as possible. But when it comes to getting to and from the airport, it’s all on you. This can make a journey most of us take for granted into a nightmare for those with special requirements.

With an airport transfer, there’s no having to hope that there will be step-free access or even someone there to help you on and off public transport. Whatever your impairment, you can rest easy since you can explain your requirements beforehand, and have a suitable vehicle sent in response that will take you where you need to be.

To sum up

If you require transport to or from an airport, then an airport transfer offers a private and dedicated service for your needs. While it’s more expensive than public transport, it will allow you to avoid all the stresses and hassles of travelling to the airport via public transport or even driving. By getting your holiday off to the best start, and having a guaranteed ride home at the end of it, you can enjoy your break as intended. 

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