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Barnoldswick, Lancashire

10 hires on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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Barnoldswick, Lancashire

10 hires on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


- Do you want to make changes to your health and fitness but don't know where to start?
- Do you need some help to identify lifestyle changes and to learn how to implement them?
- Do you want someone to hold you accountable and support you along the way?


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Jemma Fenn

26 August 2018

Zoe is a lovely woman, so positive & supportive. Someone who can truly recognise what is best for you & help you achieve that! Good luck Zoe xxx


helen hinchliffe

4 August 2018

I contacted Zoe as I wanted to lose weight and improve my general fitness. After only 4 weeks I am delighted with my progress, I have lost 7 lbs and both my physical and mental fitness has improved. I have more energy and feel fitter already, though I still have a long way to go! She has given me sensible nutritional advice and a personal training plan, which is challenging but attainable. Zoe has exceptional motivational skills and knows just how far to push me, I really enjoy our sessions and this is from someone who has not taken regular exercise for far too long. I have no hesitation in recommending Zoe to everyone. More...


Jason Dahar

23 July 2018

Zoe identify my issues with my training and diet, Zoe is extremely knowledgeable about training and nutrition, I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle. :)


Gemma West

23 July 2018

I really enjoy my training sessions with Zoe, they are always varied and tailored to suit me. The nutritional advice is really helpful and I never feel hungry. I would recommend Zoe to anyone!


Roger Grogan

30 May 2018

I would highly recommend. Zoe has a very personable approach she produced a diet and fitness plan for me to follow and explained how it would help me to reach my fitness target. Because it is bespoke to me it is easy to follow. When Zoe talks you through your exercise plan she clearly demonstrates and adapts elements to make it accessible. Thanks Zoe More...


Helen Dyer

25 May 2018

My whole life I've hated exercising but meeting Zoe has give me a new outlook on it apart from needing to get fit and lose weight Zoe makes me work but it's fun and enjoyable to! I feel very comfortable around her which helps for me when exercising! Thankyou ") More...



18 May 2018

Only had 1 meeting to date but 5 more booked. Listened carefully, useful first comments, promising plan of action.



2 April 2018

Zoe is an incredibly motivating coach and one of the best things I have found about working with her is that she actually cares and wants to help you succeed in the best way possible.

Zoe set me a gym programme a number of years ago when going to the gym was all new to me and made it challenging but achievable. When that programme then became easier for me she reviewed it and tweaked it to ensure I was still making progress and pushing myself.

Zoe doesn't just set diet/gym programmes for you and leave you to get on with it. She listens to what you want to achieve and your capabilities/limitations and personalises your programme to suit you. She then keeps in touch regularly to motivate and encourage and will do whatever she can to help you achieve your goals.

I can't recommend Zoe highly enough. She has been a massive help to me and I have achieved great results with her guidance and support.



30 March 2018

I first got to know Zoe around 15 years ago from attending her spin classes at a local gym. She was the only one who could make the class interesting and push you to the limit.

I asked Zoe for some help with a training program to help get me get in better shape for an Ironman I was taking part in. She took me through a full assessment of flexibility, diet and current training then we went through a range of exercises that would help with the extra strength and conditioning I needed.

A few days later she returned with the plan she had put together and we talked through it agreeing that I could incorporate it into my current training without overdoing it.

I managed to complete my Ironman distance race in 11hrs 35 mins so the results speak for themselves.


James Dodd

26 March 2018

Zoe was very good at listening to what my goals were. She then developed a comprehensive training plan suited to me - I have a weak knee but Zoe was still able to create me an effective plan around the weakness.

Zoe is a proper taskmaster which is exactly what you need if you don't perhaps have the amount of self-discipline needed to achieve your goals. She certainly knows how to motivate and inspire you!

You can tell that Zoe has a passion for her health and well-being and a passion for the health and well-being of others. There is always enthusiasm and motivation when dealing with Zoe regarding fitness and wellbeing.

Your personal goals and objectives are never forgotten and they are the driving force behind the progress made during the programme.

Look forward to the next round of blood, sweat and tears

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I sit down with each client before we start training and undertake a consultation so that I can learn exactly what their goals are, any health conditions or injuries, their preferences and dislikes. From there I plan their training programme which is bespoke to them. The first session we have will form a benchmark from which we can then measure their progress over time. A further fitness test is usually carried out every 6-8 weeks as appropriate so that we can continue to measure progress and to adapt the programme as necessary. In this way the goal is kept in mind throughout and we are aware of progress towards it which ultimately helps my clients to achieve their goals, then set new ones and achieve those too!

Consistency! I live by the 80/20 rule in relation to diet (80%) and exercise (20%) and also in relation to time sticking to a healthy diet and exercise (80%) and time off (20%). This really is the key to success ;-)

I love helping people to identify and set their goals and then progress to achieving them. I am passionate about health and fitness and I love showing people how it can be achieved in a fun way, without calorie counting and weighing all of their foods, but by understanding how to structure their eating and how to get the most out of their exercise. Time is precious and diet and exercise don't need to take over our lives. I enjoy the education element of my role. I also love to show people varied ways to achieve their exercise goals, for example by showing that they do not have to run endless miles each week or sweat for hours in the gym (unless they choose to) but by varied exercise programmes.

I have worked in health and fitness on a part-time basis around my full-time job for a number of years (15!!) and have recently decided to make my passion my full-time role. I am looking forward to supporting more people to achieve their goals, improve their knowledge and enjoy the process!

I have a lot of years of knowledge, skills and experience under my belt. I like to make the sessions fun for my clients and to challenge them. I am down to earth, approachable and friendly, and as I am originally from Yorkshire I'm not afraid to 'say it how it is' - but I'm told I do this in a way that motivates and encourages my clients to keep going! I provide an ongoing messaging service to give advice and motivation between sessions if wanted, and pride myself on teaching my clients how to change their lifestyle in a way that is manageable and sustainable so that eventually they don't need me - or only for accountability and motivation!



Personal training sessions to help you formulate your goals, work towards achieving them and to stick to your training schedule. From £35 per hour.

A 12 week transformation plan giving you an eating plan and training plan to follow each week, with a weekly check in for accountability and to monitor progress. Packages from £250.