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Zip Fit Club specialise is short, effective and convenient lunchtime workouts for busy, hardworking Londoners.
We can found in Hyde Park (Nr Hyde Par Corner) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes between 12.00 and 14.00 (3 x 30-minute classes back to back).

Our bespoke personal training service is also West London based and for most, if not all our clients, we focus on weight loss and athletic development. We recognise that good strength, posture, balance, coordination and cardiovascular fitness are key elements to leading a fun and adventurous life.

Zip Fit Club Q&A

Zip Fit Club Q&A

How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

Communication is, without a doubt, the most important part of achieving results and success for our clients. We recognise that people are individuals, have their own obstacles to overcome and goals to achieve. At Zip Fit Club we hone in on what motivates a person and our approach is governed by that individual’s personality, as opposed to our training methods. The science of exercise/sport and nutrition is fundamental to any training plan, but we feel the key to successful coaching is locked down in understanding what drives a person forward. We as a company need to be adaptable in our approach and do our utmost to listen and respond appropriately.

What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams?

There is not a magic potion or training programme that will give people the body of their dreams, however, with the right planning and expert advice from the Zip Fit team (and lots of hard work!), each person that decides to train with us has every reason to believe they will achieve their goal and change their life. Zip Fit Club is a professional personal training/group coaching service that help people accelerate this process. We get people thinking and acting differently. The customers that come to us place a high value on their health and fitness, which is why they are willing to make an investment in order to change their body shape and adopt a new way of living. They understand the importance of good health now and in the future.

What do you love most about your job?

Personal training is about connecting with a person or a group of people and guiding them towards a long term goal that is incredibly important to them. Being part of that process is both an honour and privilege. Watching a client learn, develop and change is why we keep on doing what we do. Beyond the sweat and some heart racing, muscle pulsing workouts, are special moments when people break down barriers and push past what they thought was possible. It’s a humbling and rewarding experience being part of that person’s success and I personally feel very proud and inspired by seeing what others can overcome, often in the face of adversity.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I have an innate love for anything physical. Doing it outdoors makes me feel alive and free. I have guided people up mountains, watched numerous sunsets in London's parks and run group sessions in the snow and torrential rain. These elements are challenging and majestical, but never tiresome. Committed Zip Fit members seem to share (or learn to share) my love for physical exertion in open space and fresh air and I hope my passion for fitness and helping others is apparent.
I want to create a business and service ( for busy, time-poor office workers. An intervention that is convenient, short and effective...something that encourages people to step away from their regular work patterns and bad health choices, towards a method that results in a healthy body and mind.
On a very personal note, I have seen what a sedentary and stressful work environment can do to a person. It is a mission of mine (and that of the Zip Fit team) to show people that they can stay fit at work and retire (one day) healthy and happy.

Why should our clients choose you?

The most important part of trying to find a personal trainer is that you go ahead and make the move to get fit and healthy. We pride ourselves on providing the best service possible for our clients, but there are other great fitness people and fitness businesses out there, so follow your heart and use your gut instinct. You must fully commit to your new challenge and have the determination to succeed. Above all else in life - make good health your priority.

Zip Fit Club Reviews

Zip Fit Club Reviews

Review of Zip Fit Club by Patty
5 19/08/2016

I have Personal Training sessions twice a week, which (being over 60 and overweight!) I find challenging, but Chris is encouraging and very personable, which keeps me going. I'm now stronger, more flexible and more confident. Thank you Zip Fit!

Review of Zip Fit Club by Laleh
5 16/08/2016

I have only been working out with Chris for 16 sessions, and I already see a huge difference not only in my strength and flexibility but also the tone and shape of my body (and haven’t even started the dieting!) . Rain or shine, no excuses, we workout but it is not insane and doing so in the outdoors is even more pleasant and engaging. He is one of the nicest trainers, always smiling and always encouraging; he ensures that first and foremost your form is correct and reminds you constantly of what is important. The bespoke program he creates and regularly updates and adjusts ensures to keep you interested, and provides the intensity that is required to improve. Thank you Chris.

Review of Zip Fit Club by Brendan
5 12/08/2016

Excellent high intensity training class in the great outdoors. Chris is an accomplished HIIT trainer and his techniques guarantee great personal results. Classes are stretching but great fun too.

Review of Zip Fit Club by Sarah
5 11/08/2016

Chris is a miracle worker! I haven't met a nicer guy to work with - he has a great way of adapting every exercise to suit my level and pushes me (in a good way) so my fitness has improved and my body has changed and I am now more toned and slimmer. In general I feel more positive and have more energy. I am delighted with the results. Chris makes the sessions fun and they are wonderfully varied so it is never boring and the time disappears quickly. I always feel so much better after a session.

Review of Zip Fit Club by Helen
5 11/08/2016

This is the best 30 minute workout I have ever done. Chris brings great positivity and motivation to make it a fun but effective workout. And it is fantastic to be outside in Hyde Park - just the break I need from a hectic day in the office. I have noticed a great change in my fitness since I started taking this classes 18 months ago. I love it! Highly recommended.

Review of Zip Fit Club by Laura
5 10/08/2016

Quite simply, Chris is one of the most patient, encouraging and supportive trainers I have ever worked with. He has taken me from being someone who was hugely unfit and complained about anything quicker than a walk to someone who willingly dons lycra twice a week and is toned and fit in a way I never thought possible. IThe sessions are hugely effective but most importantly, varied and fun. Poor Chris is stuck with me forever.

Review of Zip Fit Club by Alexandra Gibbs
5 27/07/2016

Chris is an amazing personal trainer who makes each session fun and challenging . He knows exactly how to get you working to full capacity but always with great patience and humour. I chose Zip Fit because I prefer exercising outdoors in the fresh air to gyms. The last four months of training have been life changing and made me realise I can do a lot more than I ever thought I could! Thank you Chris.

Review of Zip Fit Club by Andy Milligan
5 25/07/2016

Zip Fit are excellent. They personalised my training programme constantly adjusting it. They are also friendly, very sensitive to how you are feeling on any day and thoroughky professional. I recommend them highly.

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Google Reviews of Zip Fit Club

Google Reviews

Review of Zip Fit Club by Brendan Patterson
1 year ago

Lunchtime and evening training sessions with ZipFit Club in Hyde Park have been one of my favourite activites for the past few years. Classes are high intensity interval training which have improved my health and fitness levels considerably. Personally I'm not a fan of the military type of outdoor boot camp or park fitness class. Chris and the team's approach is to deliver fast and effective outdoor training in London with considerable humour and sense of fun.

Brendan Patterson
Review of Zip Fit Club by Davide Baroncelli
1 year ago

I've trained with ZFC for at least five years now, and it has been one of the highlights of my week ever since I started. When I started I was interested in becoming faster and more resilient for football: in about three months I had lost almost 8 Kgs and felt great. Years later, my fitness is still very much depending on the balanced and challenging exercises that Chris and the other members of Zip Fit manage to dispense, and I still love exercising in the open air with the light sense of competition and mutual support that forms with the other participants.

Davide Baroncelli
Review of Zip Fit Club by Camilla Sarayiah
1 year ago

Zip Fit is a brilliant way to get fit and is a great alternative to the gym. Hyde Park is easy to get to and my favourite park in London. The trainers are highly qualified, professional and understand all abilities. With my knee injury they suggest alternatives that I can do and the class is mixed ability with all levels of fitness. The trainers are friendly and do well to motivate and vary the exercises each week. They really do stretch you. Not only is it a great way to get fit but also I've made many good friends in the past year.

Camilla Sarayiah
Review of Zip Fit Club by Nikki Pagdades
1 year ago

Zip Fit Club is perfect for me. The 30 minutes lunch time workouts fit into my day easily and the times are flexible so that I can always try my best to get out 3 times a week! The team are fab, so encouraging and helpful. I can't recommend these guys enough.

Nikki Pagdades
Review of Zip Fit Club by Nathan Peters
1 year ago

Chris' enthusiasm is infectious and you end up working hard with a smile on your face. I saw great results in terms of overall well-being and would recommend Zip Fit Club heartily.

Nathan Peters
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Bespoke One on One Personal Training

Office workers across London have been zipping out to get fit with us in their lunch breaks for many years. Now we are zipping out to you and bringing our Personal Training service to your home or nearby park. Barnes resident and founder of city based Zip Fit Club, Christopher Smith has a team of professional personal trainers who are great communicators. They bring a friendly face, a wealth of experience, talent, and enthusiasm to your door. As a father of two, Chris understands what a balancing act family, work and a social life can be. It’s the small gaps in between in which we strive to keep fit, healthy and well balanced. This is why Chris has developed training programmes which work around your commitments’ and stresses so that you can live stronger and feel happier. Initially, we would like to say hello, introduce ourselves and have a chat about your goals and ambitions. Email:

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