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Treatments assist the body to function at its optimal level, easing tense muscles, eliminating toxins and inducing the endocrine glands to function normally. Reflexology assists the body to reach a level of relaxation and tension release that promotes circulation and more effective distribution to nutrients to all body parts.



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My vocation started in my 30’s when I changed my career from a Chartered Accountant to study Reflexology and Chinese Medicine. During my studies I worked with Diabetic patients and Infertility patients. Treatments started helping them with stress and all the women that had Reflexology sessions paired with meridian treatment fell pregnant after few months of treatments and some within weeks. I could see that the stress of not being able to conceive had a serious impact on the lives of couples. From this, I felt drawn to the Ancient Chinese healing of reflexology and meridian therapy which resonated on such a deep level with me, it just felt right, and from that point I simply never looked back and have worked extremely hard to take this beautiful ancient healing art successfully, to a new level of excellence.

As a certified Therapeutic Reflexologist, Meridian therapist , Baby Massage Instructor and Chinese Medicine Nutrition Practioner, I am passionately dedicated to helping people achieve and maintain health through Reflexology treatments. I provide guidance based on experience on how to make choices to benefit one’s body to reach balance. I completed my studies at the International Academy of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy (IARAMT) in South Africa. IARMT was established in South Africa by Inge Dougan’s who qualified as a Reflexologist in Denmark. It is the first Reflexology school to incorporate Chinese Meridian Theories and Philosophies thereby uniting Western and Eastern insight into the Five Elements and Meridians. IARMT has a very high reputation worldwide for its unique approach to Reflexology. www.reflexologycourse.co.za
My passion lies in infertility and diabetes because of this my practice has taken on its own path which has led to support Diabetics, Infertility and pregnancy with support and treatment.

The flame to treat diabetic patients was ignited when I worked at the renal unit in a hospital in Sunninghill South Africa and treatments assisted the diabetic patients in maintaining optimal health and wellness on both physical and emotional level and made patients aware of diabetes foot awareness. Reflexology is a time for you to “take a load off” and focus on yourself.

The Willow tree in the east symbolizes healing, flexibility and strength. My Reflexology and Meridian therapy treatments are founded on these principles. Reflexology will aid your body to balance and heal. My Focus is natural health restoration and promoting wellness through understanding your body using Traditional Chinese Medicine based on the 5 Elements and Meridian pathway. Treatments in the form of Auriculotherapy, Reflexology, Meridian therapy and Dietary therapy.

My goal is to assist your body to return to a state of homeostasis or balance. The treatment session I offer is clinical and focused to help your body to function optimally. Treatments will facilitate the elimination of toxins and decongestions of blockages. Reflexologists do not claim to heal the body or cure disease. Treatments and holistic healing approach can only assist your body to perform its functions naturally.