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Stalybridge Cheshire SK15 1QS, UK

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Stalybridge Cheshire SK15 1QS, UK


Yourneeds is an independent, service led business based in London and the north west. We have a sensitive and honest approach to solving everyday Healthcare problems.

Our understanding of today’s demands for private clients and Healthcare professionals means “enhancing quality of life” and providing tailored Healthcare solutions.



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Our bespoke bedroom Interiors collection is simply filled with colour and textures. Everything from glossy colours through to the most delicate shades that will brighten up any room. - http://yourneeds.org.uk/bedroom-interiors/

Create your own detached space in which your can relax or work. Yourneeds provide beautiful, contemporary garden rooms offering first-class quality, custom-built buildings without a heavy price tag. - http://yourneeds.org.uk/garden-rooms/

Micro Homes are becoming the latest modular housing solution. A Micro Home designed by Your needs will be energy efficient and fully made within two months of ordering, so it couldn’t be simpler to drop it into place and move straight in. - http://yourneeds.org.uk/independent-living/

Seating & Chairs - http://yourneeds.org.uk/product-category/m-to-s-equipment/seating-chairs-m-to-s-equipment/

Bathroom Equipment - http://yourneeds.org.uk/equipments/equiments-a-to-m/bathroom-equipment-pro/

Toilet Accessories - http://yourneeds.org.uk/equipments/equiments-a-to-m/bathroom-equipment-pro/toilet-accessories-pro/

Hospital Equipment - http://yourneeds.org.uk/equipments/equiments-a-to-m/hospital-equipment-pro/