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Paula Florea

11 February 2019

Awesome teacher! �


Alex Slociak

11 February 2019

It was my first yoga class - and I have to say it was fantastic! The atmosphere that Kat is creating is great, so calm! I have to say, Kat has proved that I am much more flexible than I though I was ! I will definitely be back ! ��


Joshua Leon

11 February 2019

I have undertaken two Yoga sessions with Kat while she was in Singapore (personal and group classes) and they were excellent!!! Having been trained in India, Kat possesses the necessary knowledge of each asana (posture) and guides you along them with such eloquence and beauty. Conducting a smooth flow is not the only thing in a Yoga class; the personality of the instructor is equally important, too, and Kat's self-confidence, calmness and passion marks the 'missing links' many instructors fail to achieve in my experience so far! Her classes are highly recommended!!! All the best in your Yoga journey \m/ More...


Ewa Haladus

30 January 2019

The classes I took part in were really good for my sore back and neck. I felt relaxed afterwards as well as guided and cared for by Kat throughout the class. Highly recommended!


Christina Aresti

30 January 2019

Kat is a wonderful yoga teacher. I have experienced chronic pain in my shoulder and my neck for a few years, and at my yoga lessons with Kat, she has been very patient with me and adapts the workout where required. She makes yoga fun and relaxing, and I would highly recommend her classes to anyone interested in yoga, or willing to try something new. More...



30 January 2019

Really helps with the weekly tension. Come home feeling good both physically and mentally. Thank you, would recommend :)


Tomasz Tchorzewski

30 January 2019

Kat started my journey with yoga. Previously I always found my body tight and injury prone through my other training. Using yoga and working with Kat has helped me find balance in my body and mind. I highly recommend her as an instructor! More...


Mr Jo

30 January 2019

A wonderful way to discover Yoga with a great and dedicated teacher. Suitable to everyone, I will definitely recommend Kat! Wish more classes were available!


Mandy Spurgeon

30 January 2019

Kat has inspired me to get back into fitness, not just working on my body, with breathing and relaxation my whole sense of wellbeing has improved, I would definitely recommend Kat.


Rita Trotter

30 January 2019

Great private lesson with Kat. She creates a relaxing and friendly atmosphere and I would highly recommend her classes .

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