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Xminds provides development facilities to companies around the world. From London and Sydney to Seattle, Xminds partners technology-driven enterprises to help develop custom based software solutions. We have over 60 developers ready to help you bring your ideas to life!


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8 July 2019

Working with Xminds has been a breeze so far, very professional.


Dan Sebastian

20 June 2019

Working with Xminds has been an outstanding experience. I highly recommend them because of their access to a wide variety of technical expertise and the ability to scale resources as needed.

Thank you, Dan!


Thomas Page

19 June 2019

Working with Xminds was great, they were professional and quick from the beginning and always responsive. Furthermore they were good value for the quality of service that they provided me with.

Would work with them again in the future.

Thank you! Was a pleasure to work with Pocket Sport.


Being able to help people find solutions to their problems is the reason why I love this job. I get the chance to meet with such a variety of inspired entrepreneurs and talk through their exciting products every day.

The real bonus is seeing their success once the product is built.

Working for oneself is hard at times, but all the more rewarding when things go well. We now have a team of 60 developers here to help you build your business and solve your problems.

I myself am an entrepreneur who has started a couple of companies, so I know what it takes. Therefore, my approach will be one of empathic understanding and hopefully, I can help potential clients create amazing products and solutions.