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Terence Nash

31 December 2018

Will the family court solicitor was most helpful in the case for my daughter and her son . The outcome was better than I had expected. Will told us the chances of success was very honest and against all hope he managed to get my daughter and her son a very good resolution. The office staff were very polite and he is blessed with the professional manner in which they conduct their business. I was very impressed . Highly recommend his professionalism and would recommend his services to all. More...


Tim Hammick

9 August 2018

They must be desperate this was the 292 time that I said that I absolutely adore.........


Steve Whiteway

9 August 2018

A lovely company, full of courteous , helpful and very friendly people, and situated near to the historic Barbican and Waterfront Area .


Stacey Millard

9 August 2018

We used Charles Parry for our business purchase in Aug 2017- I have nothing but praise for this man. It was a difficult and drawn out process but he kept us updated at all times, reassured me when I needed it, replied to emails in the evening (when it was more convenient for us to work)and he even visited our home with the contracts to sign when we were up against the clock. Charles was amazing and I would 100 percent use him again. Very happy client! More...


Andy LoveLock

30 May 2018

As I have been using this since 1995 I feel I now know a little about this company In 1995 I found myself in a sticky situation in Charles Cross police station where I had the pleasure of meeting Sandy Morrison(now retired) and his new assistant. (Now partner) With the line of business that I'm in I regularly need the assistance of a legal team and due to the quality of the service W Y offer which in my opinion of 22yrs experience with this company is second to none and the same goes for there expert witnesses e.g. I had a case that started in 2002 and after 6yrs of court cases from magistrates to the high court in London. Throughout the 6yrs I had the best possible legal team most people would dream of having to representing them that WY went the extra mile to put together which was A Judge QC A top barrister and Ian Chapman from WY the expert witness on mobile wasn't the top man in U.K. He was the top expert in Europe and I got a result. Over the 22yrs working with WY .I've never left court feeling dissatisfied with the result or with the effort WY have put into the case I'd like to this opportunity to thank the whole team from Jill point of contact in the office to the top in the company John and Tracey (partners) For all the work and effort you've put into my cases over the last 22yrs. And I'm not due for retirement for another 15yrs So if your like me sometimes find your self in the in big DO DO your on the right website More...


Dougie Powell

30 May 2018

No issues with their service.


Elena Youngs

30 May 2017

Absolutely fantastic firm. In particular Luke Fisher. Who has been a tower of legal strength through a long distressing three years. Luke has supported me through the legal jungle, making sure that the right decisions were made for the future for my son and I. I cannot rate Woollcombe Yonge highly enough. More...


paul hall

30 May 2017

Mr Page is the best Solicitor, He got me a not guilty for abh police and had another case thrown out of court.
Thanks Mr Page :)

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