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WellFitAJ Personal Training/ Fitness exercise programs is focused on state of the art scientific training to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.
With over 30 years of experience in the health and fitness world and a former national champion, be confident you are working with the best.


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Diego G

30 May 2018

I've trained with Andre multiple times per week over the past year. He is fun to work with and I've made many improvements in my strength training by working with him regularly. I am now able to do exercises I didn't previously have the strength to do like chin-ups, heavy squats, and deadlifts. Thanks Andre! More...

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“I have a true passion for health and fitness. My goal is to help you achieve the very best in you. The difference between me and any other trainer is, that I work harder for you!”

intelligent program design, hard work and proper nutrition.

seeing my clients success! weight loss strength conditioning, rehabilitation, having fun.

the desire to help people reach there goals, see quality results

read my wonderful testimonies from my clients, then lets talk and meet.


learn the keys to quick and long lasting fat loss and proper food choices.