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London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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London, Greater London, United Kingdom


At Wa-Designs, we specialise in providing our clients with a cutting edge, cost effective and affordable design services. Our highly trained and experienced Web Developers, Programmers and Designers can help to bring your vision and ideas into reality.



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There are many factors that contribute to the greatness of a website. Some of these factors include a clear and concise purpose, central message is clear and constructed in a clear and readable format, appropriate type face is used throughout the website, the colour scheme is not to bright and is suitable for readers especially for users that are colour blind, the correct imagery that clearly depicts the services offered are displayed in the right size as well as clear pixels and image file sizes to enable the page to load easily, easy accessibility-mobile responsiveness, easy usability, clear and a straight forward navigation menu.

I would often ask clients the following questions

1. What is the aim and purpose of the website? What would be the name of the site?
2. What features & functionality would you like the site to have?
3. Would you like to sell products or service on the website? If so, what are the products/services that you would like to sell?
4.What payment merchant gateway would you like to use to process payment on the website?
5. Do you have content/images for the website or would you like me to provide content & imagery?
6. What are the names of the navigation menu?
7. Do you have a color/s preference that you would like to be used for the site? If so what are they?
8. Do you have a logo or would you like me to create a logo for you?

As a creative person, I am passionate about combining creativity with technicality. This was what inspired me to study web development and later led me to established Wa-Designs as a platform to enable me to accomplish my passion to help people to bring their vision into reality.

I love seeing the end result of my work and it gives me joy and happiness each time I receive testimonials and recommendations from satisfied clients.

As much as I love to develop and produce high quality websites, what makes me different from all other developers is my outstanding customer services. I am polite, courteous and I always willing to go the extra mile beyond the scope of the project to support my clients by providing them with technical knowledge and understanding as well as support with website update, renewing domain name and hosting and other technical difficulties. By choosing me as your developer, you will receive a website that will exceed your expectation and the best customer services in web development.



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