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Eljan Tanini

24 August 2018

Super :)


Sadush Asani

24 August 2018

Eshte gazetar qe mori kurajon dhe shkoi neper vendet e konfliktit qe ta thote ate qe sheh dhe ate qe e mendon.Gazetar numer 1


Korab J. Vokshi

24 August 2018

E thot gjithmone te verteten dhe mendimin e vet personal ...


Valon Rogova

24 August 2018

Per Vedat Xhymshitin, mendoi qe eshte nje gazetar shume i zoti dhe njekohesisht shume largpames. Mbase kjo largpamesia qe e ka Xhymshiti, mund t'a kene edhe shume gazetar tjere te vendit, mirepooo i mungon guximi qe ka Xhymshiti.
Jo vic largpames te ben gazetar i zoti. Duhet edhe pak guxim!


Arben Clementi Jashari

24 August 2018

I vetmi gazetar qe i pershkruan ngjarjet ashtu si jane pa i rrite apo zvoglu. Gezatar guximtar dhe shume i arsyeshem


Rajim Sam

24 August 2018

Accurate. Verifiable. Unbiased. Ethically committed to the standard of information.


Lesley Wrenn-Brown

24 August 2018

gosh yes all that he just said, lovely to meet you, great job


Lirim Shabani

24 August 2018

n 2009, I met Vudi, when Albanians were protesting in Skopje, Macedonia. He was there on assignment for a foreign newspaper. Since then we talked, and he was very relaxed. Since that day, somehow, he has become my mentor. Always when I take pictures, I ask for his views and critique, and he is there to offer it and even tirelessly suggests tips to improve my photography.
He never felt bored with my questions, always was and is willing to help.
I remember, two years later in 2011, Vudi had another assignment and came to my city, in Tetovo to document a football match. Interesting enough, he is willing to accept even others proposals, no matter if the person is a pro photographer or no. Moreover, he did a great job there.
Honestly, I am thinking of attending classes with him, after I finish my current work in the Middle East.
Thank You Vudi!
Best wishes.

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