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Our Company offers several Photo services: Event, Family & individualPortrait/Headshot, Wedding and Real Estate & Architecture.
Our Event coverage includes ON-SITE photo print fulfillment with traditional Studio lighting - we are NOT a photo booth service.


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16 August 2019

Professional, knowledgeable, and the final product was perfect. Will use again

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The variety of work & clients. One day I can be working with C-Level corporate execs, the next day with a highly detailed client needing a rush job to finally working with a nervous Bride. My Events run the gamut of Corporate to Personal events, sometimes with celebrities, sometimes with hundreds of people in attendance. We have to make EVERYONE HAPPY, the client, the celebrity and the guest, it is an exhilarating rush!

I love Photography, working with light to create great images. Also love Technology, so digital imaging came naturally to me and was enhanced by my initial career at Kodak. Also love growing and running a business, this is usually the part that most Photographers have trouble with. I've started multiple Studios in multiple states and have now focused on Florida as my 'home' base, although most of what I do can travel easily.

My reputation for Professional, Reliable, Quality service. I tend to exceed all my clients expectations. Many have said I should charge more, the value they received was immense. At this point in my career, it's not for the money, but the challenge.