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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Visaura is a visionary video marketing agency, crafting creative content that produces lasting results for forward-thinking brands. We cover everything from animated explainers to full-production promotional videos for clients both big and small.


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Alan Small

1 September 2019

We have worked with Ryan for nearly 2 years now. He has been fantastic and feels like he is part of the team. He created our entire investment video from writing the script to adding new edits 1 year after we originally filmed it. The communication is great, he challenges our ideas in the right way and is always keen to help us go to the next stage. We will be continuing to use Ryan's services going forward. More...


Alan Van Der Small

30 August 2019

Ryan has become part of our team. We started using Ryan just over 2 years ago to make some promotional videos to promote Paperclip, a community-based marketplace. Ever since then we have used Ryan for our marketing needs including producing a fantastic investment video which we have used for Seedrs and AIN to raise around £1 million. We will continue to use Ryan going forward. More...


Dan Laxton

8 February 2019

Working with Ryan has really transformed the success of my eCommerce business. I sell baby items and we were struggling to create content that engaged "cold traffic" audiences on social media. Since running ads with Ryans videos though we are running cold traffic ads at 5x ROAS which has allowed us to take our business to the next level. More...


Rafique Sabir

8 November 2018

Video specialists can take you and your business into the 21st century Try a promo video with effects amazing I wouldnt use anyone else thanks guys very reasonable pricing too.



7 August 2018

Ryan proved a very capable pair of hands on our recent shoot, with a can-do attitude and a technical skillset that resulted in a successful final video. Visaura was very easy to work with at all stages of the process and I’d have no hesitations recommending him. More...


Alessandro Calliva

6 August 2018

The day I met Ryan changed my business. We’ve been working together over the past year and he’s produced some of the best footage and film about my barbershop I’ve ever seen. It’s managed to get me so many more customers through my doors. More...

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Pretty much everything. Video & photo has always been a passion of mine, from making home videos when I was 8 to YouTube channels when I was 15, producing videos has always just been part of my identity. The fact that I get to produce them regularly now and earn a living from doing so, is quite literally my dream come true. I wake up super stoked every day.

I was actually filming an event at my University called Spark, which was essentially a competition for student entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges in a bid for a cash prize. I remember interviewing a couple of the contestants and thinking; 'these guys are all the exact same age as me and they are doing what they are passionate about, why aren't I?' That was it. I went home and scribbled down some notes, and it went from there. Also, I studied business at University so I have always been really interested in starting my own thing. Oh and Jerry Maguire - what a film!

I'm passionate about what I do, so all of my energy and identity goes in to producing my content. I work tirelessly everyday to produce the best work I can possibly produce, meaning that the end product is usually pretty good. Also, because of my marketing background, I make content that will get results. Everything has to be results-orientated otherwise you are just wasting your money producing content. I have produced YouTube videos that now have over 1.8 million views, I have created local campaigns that have increased business revenue by 8% from one video. I will ensure that every video is produced with finesse, so that your every expectation is exceeded.



Highly skilled video editing ability. Able to complete basic tasks like cutting, adding text, editing to the beat etc... as well as advanced tasks like motion tracking, motion graphics, advanced image stabilisation, colour grading etc...

Visaura and associates have an array of professional film equipment including; high-end DSLR cameras, stabilisers and drones. All of which, allow us to capture moments to a professional standard. In combination with our photography and video editing ability, we are able to create incredible stories.

We have a proven track record of being able to provide significant growth on social media, taking a recent client from 0 to 5,000 likes on Facebook in just under a month. We can not only produce content for your brand, but we can manage and grow your social accounts too.

With our results-driven approach to video production, it is imperative that we have a developed business knowledge. As such, we are able to engage with our customers, advising them on how to best resonate with their target market, as well as other marketing opportunities that could assist in this process. We can advise businesses on; identifying target market, market segmentation, digital marketing, business-level strategy, optimising revenue streams.

Photography is the foundation of film. Understanding the mechanics of a DSLR starts with capturing great stills. Whether it's a corporate event, behind the scenes images for social media or artsy Instagram visuals, we have you covered. Just take a peek at our portfolio!