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Urban Wellness Hub is home to many therapists and practitioners who offer: Bowen Technique, EMMETT, BARS, Reflexology, Reiki treatments (and training courses), Swedish Massage, Hot Stones
Also weekly classes for Yoga, Hot Yoga, Pilates and Hypno-Birthing, Yoga Bellies, Childrens First Aid


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Gillian Watt

29 August 2019

An incredible experience! Skin felt amazing afterwards and was sooooo relaxed and revitalised.


Paul Atkinson

16 June 2019

I had my first float and really enjoyed the experience. It promotes body relaxation and calming of the mind. I'm sure I dozed off several times and that night I must have slept for a full 10 hours, very rare for me. Thanks folks, see you again soon. P More...


Fiona Kesson

14 June 2019

What an amazing experience! First float done today and can’t rave about it enough


Claire Douglas

10 June 2019

We are so lucky to have this fantastic facility to have here in Aberdeen! I loved my float session and will definitely be back - it felt like all the tension, aches / pains and stress melted away during the session. It’s the most deeply relaxing experience. Highly recommend! Thank You Ross family for providing this awesome wellness tool in your beautiful Hub! X More...


Alison Murray

8 June 2019

Used the float room last night.... wow... wow wow...what an experience...the room itself is beautiful and so peaceful and relaxing. The float was superb, it’s takes a little time to get used to the weightlessness and relax into it. But once you do it’s amazing. You have the option of light on or off and ceiling stars too.. I tried with lights off for a while... now that’s an experience.... feels like you are floating in space.... your senses really kick in. More...


Georgina Forsyth

2 June 2019

I have never floated before and was soo excited, but it actually exceeded my expectations. The guys at urban wellness are so friendly and welcoming and the place has such a positive feeling. The float room was beautiful and the experience is definitely something I would want to do again. Fully recommend xx More...


Gaelle Conjaud

30 May 2019

I had the chance to try the Float Sunday night . WoW. I’m not keen on secluded confined dark environnement usually , more of a fresh air kind of gal . However the whole experience makes it so easy for you . You have your shower and then you walk into the room. Light and music are on for about 10 minutes which gives you time to get acclimated . Then the light goes off and you float ! It’s unbelievable to feel your heart bit decreases and to feel all your sensations float away . At the end my heart was biting next to me !!! I came out and I have gained a sense of clarity , my mind has never been so sharp . I felt totally rejuvenated and energised ! I could have run a marathon ! It has been a fabulous experience and I’m extremely grateful for this ! I highly recommend it ! My stress melted away during my floating experience . FABULOUS! ✨ More...


Jayne Addie

30 May 2019

I had the pleasure of trying the Urban Wellness Float Room and omg what an amazing experience, I try to meditate and take time for myself when i can for a healthy life balance but nothing compares to this. The ultimate me time, no distractions, just floating in the dark, feeling your heartbeat, listening to your breathing and relaxing, truly relaxing. I loved it. Also you don't have to be in total darkness if you don't want to as there are buttons inside the room to switch on the stars or the lights so you can make the experience exactly as comfortable as you like. I will be a regular floater 100% xxx More...


Jenna Gillies

30 May 2019

Absolute Bliss. Although I am not one for enclosed spaces, this felt like a cosy safe cocoon. Lots of space to move about in than I thought it would have. The temperature was perfect, warmed to the temperature of your skin. Amazing feeling to feel weightless and letting the body relax fully. Left feeling very chilled. As always a very welcoming atmosphere and will definitely be back for more! Thank you guys. X More...


Suzanne Christie

30 May 2019

The most amazing, relaxing but energising experience. It’s really focused my mind whilst soothing and relaxing my body. I would highly recommend a float experience to anyone.


Erin Forbes

30 April 2019

Superb. Tranquil environment, kind and personable staff. Highly recommend.


Eden Harvie

31 March 2019

Love this place as it is so well looked after and the whole Ross family are so welcoming and always happy to help or offer support to clients and workshop leaders. The soup and bread served on the courses is always amazing and done with love. The crystal shop offers some real delights and a great variety of other things on offer too. Get along here for a fab therapy, an event or just for a wee visit. More...


Nicola Andrews

31 March 2019

Attended for a course and the space was lovely, loads of crystals and salt lamps to buy, amenities such as kitchen and toilets were excellent, and the soup and bread were delicious!


And Breathe

31 March 2019

A lovely, welcoming environment. Feel very fortunate to work from there. So encouraging and supportive of therapists and clients.


dru kendall

1 March 2019

A warm, welcoming space. Professional therapists, a variety of treatments.


emma stephen

1 November 2018

Lovely little place


Philip Martin

1 November 2018

Fantastic space with lovely people


Ilze Briede

3 August 2018

It is such a lovely place.Have attended a few workshops there, I love the atmosphere.Also there is a great selection of wonderful crystals, salt lamps and oracle cards.It is a great location if you are driving, plenty of parking space. More...


Sandra Grant

4 July 2018

Never knew it existented, superd place for meetings.,well maintained .


Rowan Craik

30 May 2018

Great place. Lovely treatments and always a friendly welcome.


Carol Spink

10 February 2018

Love going to the Hot yoga with Emma.

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We wanted to have a base where my daughters could teach Yoga and Hot Yoga.
Also, to move the growing Bowen, Emmett, Reflexology and BARS business which my wife and daughter had built up over the last 15 years away from our house therapy room and into a facility that was more in keeping with what we wanted to offer.

We are a a small family business and we create a warm, welcoming environment for everyone that comes through our door.
Everyone who visits comments on the 'positive energy' they experience and feel when at the Hub.
We support our therapists, all of whom are qualified and there is not another facility in the North East of Scotland who has such a variety of services to chose from.