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Trevor Caplan

15 May 2019

UFC Norwalk is a great environment for getting in shape and for learning different fighting styles. Big shout out to Rebecca’s 9 am class on Saturdays...after 10 years it’s still my favorite!! More...


Roxanne Mahoney

30 March 2019

You're missing out if you haven't tried this place out yet! The classes are great, and the coaches/trainers are amazing! I get cardio, conditioning, & toning all in one :) More...


Diane Washburn

30 March 2019

Great gym with awesome members and enthusiastic, knowledgeable trainers. You get a great workout that’s hard but fun


Eric Araujo

28 February 2019

This is the best gym i have ever worked out in. It may be a little expensive but between the challenging classes that test your stamina and your strength and friendly trainers who are willing to do quick one-on-one training sessions if you ask, its worth every penny. Yeah sure other gyms might have more machines and cost less, but thats what your paying for, less. When all a gym has is fancy machines then whats driving you to become a better you? Here is a more interactive and personal gym and to me, is the best kind of gym because there are people there pushing you to achieve what you want with your workouts. This gym is for people who want to make a change in their life for the better and have a good time doing so. If you want a real workout and are willing to put time and effort into making yourself into the person you want to be, then this is 100% the gym for you. There are also wide varieties of workouts and classes that give you lots of options to train how you like from kick-boxing to Jiu-Jitsu. Don't feel like taking a class? No problem, you can walk in anytime during the day and use the weights and equipment they have to make your own personal workout. When I first started I didn't feel like taking the classes so I decided to use the machines and weights they had, the trainers Mike, Evan, and Gerardo were all willing to step in and answer my questions and help make a workout that accomplished what I was looking for. More...


Alessandro Dore

28 February 2019

Just recently signed up at this location and all I can say is that the environment is great and so is all the staff would highly recommend this gym.


Kevin Santacruz

28 February 2019

Coming here is probably the best part of my day. The current trainers and staff really love what they do and it put that energy into their variety of classes. i cancelled my $8/mo membership to come here because aside from getting results, I have a lot of fun here.i mainly come to take the boxing, kickboxing, and fight Fit/ MMA classes as well as to use their full assortment of free weights and machines on my lifting days.they also offer BJJ which has really taken off recently with more people participating.Trainers are very open to feedback, routinely ask if anyone has suggestions/questions, and make sure to offer alternative exercises if anyone needs it. Each has their own style of teaching which mixes up the workouts even across similar classes. There is always room to keep pushing yourself here while having a blast at UFC Gym Norwalk. More...


Thomas Petrillo

28 February 2019

Solid gym, best I’ve ever been to. The place is expensive but the pros far outweigh that con. The staff are very kind people who help you achieve your goals. If I ever have a question or need help with something they’re happy to lend me a hand. My favorite part is working with them on the mat to train my boxing techniques. There’s a wide variety of materials for toning/bulking (weights, machines, medicine balls, punching bags that vary in size and shape, speed bags, etc.). There’s a bunch of combat sports you can get into like boxing, kickboxing and Brazilian Jujitsu. You can take classes which are super motivational and truly help you get working, or you can just do your own thing with the bags or on the mat. The mat area has pretty much all you need. Headgear, different types of handheld pads for punches and kicks along with a bunch of other stuff. This gym is a great place to learn new skills and or to get in shape and offers a variety of ways to do so. I go quite often with a group of friends and we all love it. I’d definitely recommend signing up for a free 1 day trial if you have the chance. More...


Yadira Macias

28 February 2019

Undeniably train differently! This is the place to shake up your fitness routine. There is plenty of variety to pick from, learn technique, striking and defensive skills. What I love the best about this place is that my Coach is committed to achieving my fitness goals! More...


Tom Ehret

28 February 2019

This gym is top notch. The facilities are clean and well kept. You have unlimited access to a range of different classes and fight styles. The trainers and staff are friendly and very knowledgeable. Each has a wide range of experience and styles. The classes are fun and challenging. I recommend this gym to everyone. More...


Mister X

28 February 2019

UFC Norwalk is a great gym! Not only do they offer everything from condition bag classes, to boxing skills classes but the new jiujitsu coach Scott Boehler is awesome. He’s a knowledgeable black belt that runs a friendly laid back and welcoming program. If you’re looking for a way to get fit and learn to kick butt you won’t find a better place for a better price! I use to train at the Stamford location but they cut all their skills classes recently. Norwalk has provided the fix I needed. I like having everything available at one place. More...


j m.

15 November 2018

This is a wonderful gym.  The greatest value is in all the awesome classes that come unlimited with membership.  It is made up of serious lifters and fighters, soccer moms and dads, fighter moms and dads, young, old - seriously a surprising mix but  almost a family atmosphere.  Great caring staff and very clean facility.  I love to workout while my kids take the included Jiu Jitsu or boxing classes.  The trainers are great with kids but can really challenge you in the adult classes.While lots of gyms in the area make you sign up to a limited class or search for parking that is never a problem.  Mornings from 7am - noon are great for working out.  I am there 3-5 days a week and love it.   Sure I wish there was a sauna but this place more than worth it for the classes and personal training. More...


aditya guthey

9 October 2017

UFC has changed my life as it made me realize that you don't have to be a Hollywood star to have a body you like. Spend one hour a day for 5 days a week at this gym, you will know what I am talking about. The instructors at this specific gym are skillful, super friendly and will make you feel you are a part of their family. I will recommend this gym to anyone who is serious about getting back in shape without having to spend like 100s of dollars per session on personal training. Buy a one year package as payments by month could get quite expensive. More...


Alex A.

11 February 2017

At first I was very hesitant to try something I never have, but the staff and people that are a part of this UFC gym make it very comfortable and enjoyable! I I strongly suggest trying out a class. More...


Young Tigēr

12 September 2016

I haven't been in the gym before but I'll be there to train as the best fighter it looks bigger than any other gym professional training partners and all the future things u wish is there I'll be to train for the first time and I'll be happy to see u guys !!


Juli Parra

19 August 2016

Best gym ever!!!
It's the perfect spot to learn, improve and master your skills in different areas of the MMA or boxing. People here it's very helpful, the instructors guide people to achieve their goals and discover abilities we didn't know. 100% recommended to anyone who wants to improve their health, learn how to protect themselves or just have so much fun when working out. More...


Jose C.

23 February 2016

Amazing place. This is the new way to work out. Don't miss, Malcom, Rebecca and Vinnys classes. You will sweat like crazy and it's fun. Everybody is so nice and professional. Highly recommend. More...


Mark Gaming97

14 July 2015

This is a great gym! I was able to get back in shape and increase my energy after a twins pregnancy. The classes are very dynamic and fun.


Jeff S.

17 February 2015

Great gym. My son has been working out here for years. Complete program of boxing, jui jitsu, muy Thai, strength training. Nice and helpful people on the staff. Clean and well laid out facility.Good mix if clientele - pros, moms and kids. More...


Casey J.

8 January 2015

This gym is great. I did a free trial because I'm traveling for work, and wanted a great workout. All the trainers were fantastic! Even when I told them I wasn't going to join because I live in another state, they treated me like family. The workout was intense!! Very fun. I recommend this. More...


Kelly W.

28 October 2013

This gym is pretty awesome and if you go enough you will definitely get what you pay for.  Killer workouts.....not for the faint of heart.  :)The instructors are awesome, especially Aires and Oscar and everyone that works there is super nice!The only negative that I have about this place is that the cleanliness could be better and they don't have any locker rooms.  Only a men's & women's bathroom and one shower room with one shower.Also the fee is pretty ridiculous if you decide to cancel so consider that when signing a contract.  You have to pay 15% of the annual remaining total (something they don't clearly explain when you sign up) of the membership so I had to pay about $150 when my job relocated me because I couldn't go anymore.  No exceptions unless you move away but you have to show them proof of new residence. More...

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