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Transformation Specialist

Ipswich, Suffolk

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Transformation Specialist

Ipswich, Suffolk



Transform any area of your life!.
You may ask how? - I change your reaction and perception of any given circumstance - and when you change how you react to something and how you perceive something the thing you are perceiving/reacting to changes! - that is why my transformations are so successful.

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Hayley Edhouse

4 May 2019

I was in quite a difficult place just before Christmas as I’d just split up with my partner and moved back home and I met James for a few sessions to essentially ‘find me again’. To find what I wanted to achieve in my life...and right now I’m the happiest and most driven to succeed I have ever been. Using his knowledge and tools he has managed to help me remember so much and apply his knowledge in my every day thoughts, tasks and feelings. Thank you for all you have done and continue doing. Very professional and always has my best interests at heart. More...


Jack W

3 May 2019

A very comfortable atmosphere and Janes really listens. His confidence in his work and his knowledge combined with his caring attitude means you’re in good hands


Alessandro Pagano

3 May 2019

I have had the pleasure of having many one to one meetings with James, it has been nothing less than exceptional and helped me gain the confidence in which I was struggling with in my life which had caused effect to my work. Since I have spent time with James he has helped me back to keeping my confidence high and this has helped so much not only in work but also changes that have come in my day to day living also. I would give James nothing less than a 10/10 and I continue to have catch up sessions with James. Thank you for the help. More...

It has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside of you and support you through powerful change. You have worked extremely hard to achieve what you have since our first session together, you should be very proud, I know I am.... I Look forward to continuing our sessions and our progess. James



Making People understand they are good enough and can be HAPPY

My absolute passion and purpose is my work and I am fascinated by it!

Because instead of discussing all of the problems and why life is so bad- as you can imagine that when you discuss things you also bring up feelings that go with the words..
So instead of this we work on creating pure transformation in the areas of your live you need it! Being a Certified transformation specialist and Master in neuro linguistic Hypnosis we can do just that!.