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Training Day is a really special place.
Clients can expect to be treated with kindness and genuine empathy by our staff of Trainers. Each trainer is highly skilled in improving human motion, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and is continually provided education to ensure we provide the best experience in Portland.


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Tara Johnston Ford

9 February 2019

This gym is amazing. I have been working out here for a year. When I first started coming I had a foot injury which is now fully healed. I have worked with both Tony and Megan. Tony was so helpful and supportive, it really was nice to know I could ask him questions and that he could help me work through my foot pain. My work with Megan has helped improve my pelvic health and strength. Through my continued work here at the gym I am experiencing exciting results in both the shape and feel in my body. More...


Carol Landsman

31 December 2018

I’ve been working with Megan for a couple of years now. As a power lifter, I really appreciate her focus on body mechanics so I can optimize my lifts. Great place, clean and inviting, everybody is nice More...


Elizabeth Cartwright

5 August 2018

Megan is warm and friendly. When she spoke about her craft, her confidence inspired me. Her command of knowledge pertaining to healthy movement revived my "I know I can" attitude.


Demune Ponowai Flora

5 August 2018

I can't recommend Megan enough. She's a pro and great for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Life changing for many and an inspiration for everyone.


Bill Proppe

5 August 2018

I've referred many professional athletes to Megan for both strength training and rehabilitation. She has fantastic assessment skills and a deep understanding of functional movement and nutrition. Her skill set has been an incredible benefit for my personal workouts, my ortho/sports massage practice and for all of the clients I've referred to her. Megan rocks. More...


Eva Susan Lohse

5 August 2018

Simply life changing. Healthy is the new skinny/sexy/EVERYTHING. Thank God we found Megan. I look at my body with new eyes. We are elegant machines and Training Day is helping me understand that the body I nurture today I will inherit tomorrow. It's all about long term. No quick fixes and I love that. More...


Izarra Varela Moore

5 August 2018

Beautiful facility with a refreshing philosophy. Owner/trainer Megan Ursin clearly cares about the standards of her business; she invites only top-flight instructors and master trainers into her gym. Classes are fun, focused, and very effective. More...


Amber Buhl

5 August 2018

Training day rocks! Megan and her staff have all helped me understand & correct my assemetries that have prohibited me from living life to its fullest. I love this place.


Marion Bouquet

5 August 2018

Highly recommend this place! I've been doing one on ones with Carrie for 2 months and she's simply the best. Solid body knowledge and always shows me new ways and drills to make my body feel and move better :) High five!


Rosemary Gilbert

5 August 2018

Megan Ursin has helped me change my life from one of giving up abilities to finding strength, stability & wholeness. She is innately talented in her ability to assess, and implement strategies to bring the human body to alignment, increase strength, stability, relieve pain and open hearts. Thank you Megan, you are a blessing to all of us who work with you!


Robin Johnson

5 August 2018

Training Day is the best! Carrie is amazing and is helping me take my body awareness to the next level! Not to mention that in preparation for an upcoming surgery she created a special training program to follow over the next few weeks. So very thankful that my friend introduced me to your revolutionary work! More...


Casey Pfeifer

5 August 2018

Love this place!! Been taking one on ones with Carrie. She is attentive, kind, and challenges me without intimidation. The vibe of this gym is really open and accepting (most gyms I find kind of scary). Everyone I've met there has been super nice as humble. Highly recommend this gym and Carrie as a trainer. More...


Tony Angellilli

5 August 2018

Found this place almost a year ago. After my injury I was really in a training rut. Nothing I did was making me feel better. Megan, the owner, became my trainer. She began reading the horror story of my body. Her intuition about my body complimented that of a forensic specialist. She unravels the mystery of your anatomy and helps with restoring the damage. She, and the staff the works there, changed my opinion on trainers. I recommend anyone go here and begin a healing journey, while becoming stronger and wiser about the intricacies in your body.

Oh....it's a non kliq facility. Everyone makes you feel like you belong. That really helps the healing process.



Angela Cortal

6 February 2017

Training Day is the best fitness center I know of in Portland. All the trainers here are very highly educated in Functional Movement and are experts in analyzing and prescribing strength training-based rehab recommendations. I have been going here for almost 2 years and love it!
I also recommend this place to my patients very frequently, as they are wanting to get back into exercise and/or be monitored during their exercise to make sure that they are doing everything safely and correctly, and this is the only place that has my 100% confidence that they will deliver.

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Education is the most important thing of all. The adage “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” applies.
We teach people to fish. None of your body movements or functions should be a mystery to you. I want you to become an independent steward of your body.

Again, Education. Trying really hard at doing the wrong things gets you nowhere and leads to feelings of failure, which reduce good feelings and the rewards you would get from consistent achievement.
The right coaching fixes that problem, so that being consistent feels good and the achievements start rolling in!

We love the change in self-identification people get at our gym. People come in scared and worried if they’ll be able to keep up with their kids or grandchildren, keep up with the demands of their jobs, stay capable of enjoying their active hobbies, and the like.
After training for a short time, clients see a returned capacity, and in fact, an expanded ability into activities they may have not felt were in their wheelhouse before, and that’s where all the feels come in. There’s no better feeling than sharing the joy a person feels when they become strong enough to experience all that life has to offer.

Megan was inspired to open Training Day as a labor of love to all people who’ve experienced fears and struggle surrounding their ability to get to the bottom of how to really feel strong in their body and mind. She created a space of no worries about ulterior motives, without needless marketing ploys, fads and trends.
Just tons of education and love.

We love nothing more than seeing you succeed. Using us will give you a complete understanding of your moving systems, which you deserve to know. It’s your primary transportation, after all!
Also, we are a kind, affirming bunch who will always treat you with respect and dignity.