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Working with you to develop and maintain an edge over your competitors, the coaching relationship will be about creating layers of resilience for your business (based on systems and structure). This is so that you establish the leadership and change management skills upon which to build success.


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Problem solving, especially when frustrations are high, taking their toll and forever choking-out opportunity - is huge for me. In the midst of such circumstances, re-imagining people's challenges is what I truly love. It is deeply rewarding to watch faces light-up as solutions begin to gain momentum, performance strengthens and things begin to fall into place.

The pull of a young family and wanting to address my own work, life, balance - but also a realisation that I had already worked with so many leaders during my city commute days and it all came naturally to me.

In the end - for me, it was a combination of my passion to help others and wanting to be home for my kids before bedtime.

My action-centric style is infections and what I bring to the party, I deliver in a supportive and non-judgmental manner. Placing my energy and focus upon where we are going, without too much time spent on where we have been.

Clients can expect sessions to be insightful and will benefit from the added accountability, to help ensure progress is made.

In simple terms - regular challenge, so that your business assumptions are tested and revised as needed... and

Practical advice, so that finding solutions to difficult problems becomes easier.