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Putting your business and message in front of a growing audience of potential customers, by making your on-line presence easy to find, easy to use, and turning lookers into buyers.

We do this through the development of top shelf web design, custom video content, search engine optimization, and more.

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Linda W. Anderson

Love Kent and Mary. Their videos are the best!

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I love watching others succeed, and when possible, helping the reach their goals.

I've always had a business. I'm an entrepreneur. I've had a few jobs, here and there, but a job is too confining. I need to be able to be creative and to be able to use my skills in helping others to achieve their goals.

I follow a simple philosophy. Focus on excellence, not on success. Success will come with excellence. I keep to that philosophy for myself, and for my clients. Honesty, Integrity, Transparency are some of the watchwords that frame my life and my business. My client's success is the target for which I aim.


Working with you, as a team, we develop the digital 'face' of your business. The look, the feel, the message all play a big part in how you and your business is perceived by a visitor. We take it a few steps further, though. We continue to work and include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with every website we develop. If a website isn't making the search engines happy, the website only exists in theory. Unlike virtually every other web design company, we don't charge extra for that needed component. We take it even further than that. We optimize the overall performance of the website so it loads under 3 seconds, is easy to use on all devices, and creates an enjoyable experience for your visitors.

Most websites look nice but when you test their performance, they get low scores. That negatively impacts the website ranking position on Google, and other search engines. It also makes for a frustrating user experience, as the site loads slowly and may have some elements that don't work. We do an in-depth analysis of your site, which tells us exactly how the site is performing and where it can perform better. With that knowledge, we go under the hood and optimize all areas of the site, including various aspects of the code which drives the site. Most often, we can take a website that is performing like Dad's old pickup, and make it roar like your favorite muscle car. The analysis is free, so why wait?

Video is key to a successful, on-line campaign. It gets your message across quickly, and if don't correctly, in a memorably way. We'll take your message and craft it into a sales-converting video that can be posted to social media, your website, emailed, etc. Video, it's reported, has up to an 80% conversion rate and is shared more than textual content. Video is no longer the future, it is now. If you're not using video in your marketing strategy, you're losing money.