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Thom Wolf Photo and Video brings with it over two decades of experience in photo and video shooting, editing, and production for networks, theaters, individuals, nonprofits, and corporate clients. We specialize in providing tailored services based on your needs, be it a half-day with a sole photographer or a full crew for multi-week shoots.


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25 July 2018

A true professional. Glad to know Thom Wolf both professionally and personally.

16 July 2018

Thom is an incredibly talented photographer with a vast set of skills and knowledge, he is also one of the most pleasant people I could’ve hoped to work with. I’m not always comfortable in front of the camera, but his professionalism paired with him easy demeanor helped me relax very quickly. I was very pleased with the quality of his work as well as the experience as a whole and I cannot recommend him highly enough. More...

12 July 2018

Thom has years of very practical experience yet has the bedside manner we needed in undertaking a new video project. He listens carefully, is pleasant, professional and humorous. A great eye!
Jeffrey Smith,
Director of Music
Saint Paul's K Street Washington DC

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The secret to taking a great photograph is thoughtful composition and especially a BACKGROUND that tells the story. A doctor pictured with a busy emergency room behind him immediately tells you he is a medical professional working in a life saving situation. That same doctor in front of a blank wall only tells you what kind of ties he likes and maybe his or her age.
My curiosity about my subjects as well as my technical experience is the secret to my success.

What do you want your picture or video to accomplish? Who is your audience?
A portrait for your facebook is totally different from a headshot to get a job.
What do you want your photos to accomplish?

I love meeting new people every day and telling a story with my pictures and videos.

After working for the St. Louis Post Dispatch, WGNO-TV and Louisiana Public Broadcasting I decided to start my own business as a freelance photographer / videographer.
In the corporate world success is moving up the ladder and becoming the boss,I never wanted to do more than take photos and make videos. That desire has taken me to Russia with the National Symphony and Mistislav Rostropovich, Europe, El Salvador, the Library of Congress and The White House.

My clients know that I care, I want to bee the best photographer but showing up on time with the right equipment also helps. To show I care, if you don't like the picture I take lets take another, you will be satisfied and hopefully we will have a good time in the process.