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Welcome to The Very Best You - Life & Career Coaching
We're committed to helping everyone become the best versions of themselves that they can be.
Our vision is simple; we partner with you to help you overcome the personal road blocks that are holding you back, professionally and personally.


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12 August 2019

Marisa is a professional and clearly passionate about her work. I find her very down to earth and very intuitive to my needs so far. Very good service!

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People, every time.
And that feeling when they don't need us any more because they have become the best versions of themselves.
There is so much satisfaction in working with our corporate clients, and our individual clients and helping them achieve real change in their professional or personal lives - it really is the best feeling.
Ok, we do have a little weep every time one of our private or corporate clients switches from weekly/fortnightly/monthly to once or twice a year but they are happy tears because we have changed another life - and that feels great!

Frustration with the life and career coaching businesses I have dealt with previously.
They were too inflexible, too aggressive with their clients - it was all about convincing clients to book more sessions than they needed and that made me uncomfortable.
I wanted to be more client focussed, so I gathered a team that felt the same - and VBY was born!
We work with corporate clients who want to develop their teams, we work with individuals and groups, so our client based is as varied as we are.
We are a business - but we also have to remain mindful that we're about transformative change - not just the bottom line! Just don't tell our accountant!

VBY isn't your average life coaching business.
The VBY family have all lived REAL lives that are just like yours; we've failed and we've succeeded, we've won and lost and we've all struggled to find our best selves so we are first and foremost JUST LIKE YOU, not just coaches
To back up our words, we offer a free 15 min, no obligation phone chat so that you can ask us all of the questions that you want or need to ask - and we can find out a bit more about you BEFORE you commit to coaching.
We offer a variety of packages - for individuals and corporate clients - so whoever you are, and whoever you want to be, professionally and personally, The Very Best You will help you achieve it.


Transformative change is achieved by working through your personal blockers, the things that hold you from becoming the best version of yourself. VBY partners with you, and through talking, reflecting and questioning, we help you become THE VERY BEST YOU.

We have all felt that we are not achieving the level of career success that we should be achieving or felt frustrated with the professional choices that we have made or are making. VBY works with everyone from first jobbers to senior executives to help them achieve clarity and confidence to own their professional journey.

We all need to develop - as people, and as professionals, however, it isn't always that easy. Looking at your actions, your communication style and how you are seen by others - and yourself is a valuable tool for business executives. The VBY approach is to partner with you - your success is owned by you, we are just the conduit to help you achieve it.

We work with corporate and third sector teams to develop individual skills and communication. Through one to one and group sessions, we can empower you employees to be successful employees.