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Loes van Dijk

23 December 2018

I stayed in Birmingham for 3 months during a university exchange. As I was living by myself in a new city I initially started kickboxing to be able to protect myself. However, very soon I fell in love with the sport as such through Alex's passion and dedication during his classes. With patience, students of any level are being trained in his gym, which made me feel very comfortable and welcome from the first day! There's a good vibe among all students which makes it easy to talk to people and make friends. Being back home, now, it's hard to find a gym which is able to live up to the standards set by the Eagle! More...


Thomas-Lloyd Benjamin

13 November 2018

the gym is great great coach great training and a good gym to use down stairs


Ayune D'Aguiar Vaz

20 October 2018

5 Star Academy! The coach is great and very knowledgeable. Everyone that goes to the academy are really friendly, which makes it easy for new members to be part of the team. Strongly recommend for anyone who wants to compete or just stay fit and sharp. More...


Michael Higgins

17 October 2018

i joined eagle kickboxing gym about 4 weeks ago after having my free induction lessson with alex. He's a very good and friendly coach. I've really enjoyed going twice a week since. There's plenty of lessons for all abilities and everyone seems really nice and friendly too. Glad i came in now for my induction!! if ur looking for a martial arts gym, make sure u check it out. Great set up and knowledgable coach!! Looking forward to the next session! Oooosss More...


Bekas Sangawy

11 March 2018

i've been there for long time and its great place .to be fit and the teacher is the best all people there are friendly and nice wish to get back there


Corrina Foo

10 March 2018

Alex is an excellent coach with a belt of knowledge and experience that comes from fighting professionally in the past, coaching semi-pro and pro fight champions, and running various levels of classes for many years in the UK. He is very passionate about teaching and is extremely welcoming to all his students, newcomers and old ones alike. He knows how to make lessons hard enough to push you to your limits, but also interesting and enjoyable enough to motivate you to constantly want to do better. However, the one thing I really like about the Eagle Kickboxing Academy is how everyone there is so respectful, friendly and welcoming with one another - it's like training with family and it's never mundane! More...


Bogáta Bongya

18 September 2017

I’ve been training with eagle kickboxing more than a year now. I’ve started from complete beginners to intermediate classes. Alex, the coach is amazing and truly passionate about teaching kickboxing. If you are interested in professional fighting-he had loads of experience in bringing the best out of you. If you only want to learn self-defense-he always makes sure to explain how to use the skills in real life scenarios. Especially at the unique self-defense classes. If you just want to get fit, sexy or strong - he always have top-tips how to train and eat healthy to achieve your best results. Fun and great place to train, I can only recommend to anyone! More...


Andrea Lleshi

24 April 2017

The most positive palace I love the eagle team ...


Athanasia Kaloni

28 February 2017

One of the most best instructor. When i watch what they did at training i was so exciting and tomorrow i've been part of this club. And i see improve to my self on my codition and my health. More...


Sakis Ath

19 February 2017

One of the few places that I found peace by training. Alex is a fantastic coach, that he teaches you not only how to become a fighter but also how to become confident!


George Koulalis

5 February 2017

I love this gym. Great facilities, very friendly environment for anyone who wants to learn kickboxing, thai boxing self defence, improve their fitness, strength, conditioning and flexibility. I have been competing in kickboxing and MMA from a very young age at national level. Since I signed with the Eagle Kickboxing Academy, my career has gone to the next level internationally. Thanks to coach Alex for his commitment and passion for the sport. More...


Joseph Andrews

30 January 2017

The best Kickboxing Gym I've been too such a good place to train with great people and atmosphere everyone helps everyone to reach there goals and one brilliant coach to top it off.


Guglielmo Menduni

29 November 2016

non la frequento personalmente, ma me ne intendo abbastanza in quanto pratico questo sport da diversi anni, la palestra in questione la frequenta mio figlio il quale me ne parla benissimo, scuola altamente professionale , seria e frequentata e diretta da brave persone.


Cat Mackintosh

12 November 2016

Great 1-1 sessions awesome place to train definetly improved my technique.


Rebecca Vorfi

3 November 2016

The best Kickboxing Club in the UK without a doubt! Its couches are second to none. No time wasing just full on development and fighting spirit. I would recommend The Eagle Kickboxing Academy to anyone who wants to get fit and enjoy getting there. More...


Dean Lake

22 October 2016

Great coach fun place easiest way to learn new skills discipline and loose weight 5/5 to the eagle team..... plus a few champions knocking about!


Stacey Wesley

6 August 2016

Fantastic defiantly recommend


Martin Todorov Taz

22 January 2016

The best environment to nourish your physical and psychological strength. Alex is one of the best, coaches/teachers/senseis or whatever you call people who help you to get the best out of yourself, that I have ever met. He really does his job with passion and I think that this is one of the most important things for a good gym. Do not hesitate to try! You will love it! More...


Sabrina Samra

5 August 2015

For ages I had spoken of a desire to try out kickboxing and also get a better alternative for fitness and working out than the gym. I definitely found the best way to workout, focus my mind, enjoy keeping fit and learn a new sport at The Eagle Kickboxing Academy. Coach Alex, in my three months of being in the class, has inspired me and equipped me with a huge amount of knowledge about the martial art - kickboxing. After an intense warm-up, much-needed stretch, and exquisite, technique-focussed kickboxing lesson, Alex always ends the class with a talk. Having already gone past the hour, Alex demonstrates his love, experience and knowledge of kickboxing by going past the hour to talk to us about techniques, how to move forward, how to keep a healthy diet, good fitness, focus and how to move forward and get better. He physically demonstrates to us what he is explaining and then adds great explanation to add to our understanding. It's been a great three months training at The Eagle Kickboxing Academy and I would recommend the class for anyone looking for a genuinely good, fun (but not too fun) workout, to learn kickboxing from the best, to compete or to gain confidence! I definitely intend to return to the class when I return from my year abroad! More...


Lukasz Wiktor Lukawski

9 March 2015

People who are brave and ready for changes become more confident and healthy. They are architects of their own fortune and future. Therefore, I honestly recommend this Club to people who want to change their lives for the better and for those who want to have a more active lifestyle. “Just try to fly like an eagle! More...


Chriss Dub

15 July 2014

Best Coach/Sensei and best Class .Recommend everybody to join.