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Flahurt provides the high quality professional personal injury attorney services in Pembroke Pines, Weston and Davie, Florida. Our personal injury lawyer will take care of your loss you have in an accident and help you to get all benefits. We provide any legal assistance 24 hours a day.


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2 May 2018

Went in for a consultation about an accident where I got hurt. He was very helpful and explained everything in a way I could understand. He answered all of my questions well and started helping me right away. Wonderful law office More...

7 March 2018

Best of the best. There’s not another lawyer like my Mark Dickstein. He has help me, my family, and friends multiple times. I highly recommend his services. Thank you Mark!! More...

28 February 2018

In April 2017, I was hurt at work, badly, and the Workmen's Company kept throwing me between adjusters, rescheduling appointments and misdirecting why I wasn't getting help. Finally, I realized, I needed an attorney. I was incredibly apprehensive about hiring an attorney for my Workmen's Comp case, and I searched people, read reviews, contacted people, and interviewed other attornies prior to deciding on Mark Dickstein. As I am in North Florida, and Mr. Dickstein is in South Florida we only met one time, the day of mediation.
Prior to our meeting, I had multiple (*see all my searches and research in advance*) calls, emails, and he and his staff dealing with my anxiety over this process. He and his incredibly calm and wonderful staff eased my nerves.
I have many medical issues and that came into the back and forth with Workmen's Comp for almost a year, during that year, my employer lets me go, and life got really, really hard. So, the pressure was on me and I kept emailing, calling, asking "how can I help," "what can I do?" I am originally up from up North, I am aggressive, as is he, but, remember, he is just as aggressively fighting for you, and your case.
He was able to make a process that made it hard for my family, my entire life, a lot easier.
When we finally met, for mediation, we spent hours working towards my goal - getting my medical needs and bills cared for, getting reimbursed for the time I could not work, all of that. And then, you would think "oh, he's an attorney, he made a killing," but no, he opted to take the least amount that an attorney can take for Workmen's Comp, and then made sure that he took only his billable hours that he worked, and I feel he underbilled that as well. He, in my opinion, underpaid himself to make sure that my family and I would have money to survive on while I get well.
Make no mistake, that is not a mark of an attorney seeking accolades, that is a good person, who cares and makes sure that his clients actually have the chance to get well. I wish there were not only more attornies but humans like him in the world. God forbid anyone I know is hurt or needs an attorney, there is not a question in my mind, Mark Dickstein is the FIRST person I would tell them to call. My suggestion is, you are reading this - call him, talk to his staff and make the best decision you can, HIRE HIM.
Mr. Dickstein, should you ever read this, thank you, words are never going to be enough, but thank you for everything.

2 February 2018

Went for a consultation after my car accident and Mark explained everything in a very professional yet casual way. I strongly recommend him to anyone that is in need of a lawyer. I trust him and his great staff with my case. More...

18 January 2018

Very helpful and professional thank you Mark for your hard work and dedication.

4 October 2017

Great Service and excellent negotiating skills. Mark was very upfront about the whole process involved after me and fiancées car accident. He truly gave us great advice and counsel throughout the recovery process after both of our surgeries. We are both doing well after the surgeries and happy we chose Mark as our lawyer! Thanks Mark! More...

20 March 2017

Best law firm I have ever been to. He works to help get you what you deserve as a result of your accident. And the receptionist is the best!!

22 February 2017

First time I ever had to deal with lawyers due to a car accident. Mr. Dickstein, Tammi and Jessica were very helpful and knowledgeable who walked me step by step throughout the whole process. Anything I didn't understand, they made it very easy for me to understand. Would definitely recommend! More...

21 October 2016

Thank you to The Dickstein Law firm and staff for helping me throughout some tuff times. If you need representation and compassionate staff go to the Dickstein Law Firm.

15 July 2016

I would recommend to anyone. Very professional and precise at what he does, along with the group of people who works there. Tammi is wonderful at what she does.. More...

12 December 2015

The Dickstein Law Firm took care of my workers comp case. Mark is the best of the best out there. He definitely knows how to explain the difficulties of the case with ease. Mr Dickstein takes time to make sure you understand everything. His staff is professional and courteous. I highly recommend this firm. More...

1 December 2015

Professional service from the dedicated team at Dickstein law. He was in charge of my friends workers comp and personal injury case and won both of the cases! He is super friendly and will work with you and your case to resolve it no matter how long it takes.
I highly recommend Mark Dickstein and his team!