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Here at The Coaching Co. we have a team of sport scientists, personal trainers and football coaches. Whether you are new to fitness, looking for a bespoke training plan & an advisory nutrition plan, or you might preparing yourself for an event.


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Josh Viggiani

3 June 2019

Worked great! Roberto helped me get in shape and keep to a gym routine. He's a great motivator and went above and beyond for me!


Lucy Rockall

23 November 2018

A fantastic company!! 5 service!!


Emma Browne

22 November 2018

5 star experience!


Nikhil Patel

20 November 2018

Roberto at the Coaching Co has been fantastic! He has helped me loose weight within the first two weeks of training. He is constantly motivating me to push myself harder at the gym, which is what you want in A PT. I have started to see a massive reduction in my belly and a gain in strength. 10/10 would recommend. The training routines are also tailored around your lifestyle which is a massive bonus. More...


Nathan Harris

12 November 2018

I would highly recommend the coaching co Through using them I both made huge improvements physically and also felt healthier and better in myself.


We tailor a training plan to help people reach their goals, whether it is in person or online, we provide the support and means to get you there.

The biggest factor would be consistency, we need to be able to remain consistent when getting the body of our dreams.

A great body can only be achieved with hard work and the right plan, you cannot pay for a body that you want, but you can pay for a great service with a dedicated personal trainer to help you reach that goal.

Helping people reach their goals. I know from personal experience how hard it can be to reach your goals, there are so many people offering services without the relevant qualifications or the actual infrastructure to even do this. Not to mention all the pseudoscience out their. Luckily, it's our job to find the most efficient, effective and healthy way of reaching those goals.

I love reading the science behind all the reasons for the changes in the body, so it is always a pleasure when we help our clients become happy, healthier people.

I started this business when I was in my final year of university. The end goal is to get a healthy nation, who loves to be active, whether that is due to playing sport, being a gym member joining a running club. Anything to get the general public active. I have big ambitions with getting this dream a reality and felt with the right system, this is a possible dream.

We absolutely GUARANTEE a great service. If you stick to our plans and our advice, you will absolutely reach your goals. Our current clients understand this and know how important consistency is. However, another important aspect is communication, we offer 24/7 support for our clients, especially when clients are lowering their kcal intake, the cravings and hunger pains can be strong, so they know they can call us and we offer our advice.



£30 for 30 minutes £40 for 40 minutes £50 for an hour

Online training plans start at £40 which can be accessed on your phone.