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Are you struggling or overreacting to things which should not upset you so much? Do you need to make changes in your life but are unsure where to start? There is no need to struggle alone. My name is Sally Spigner and I provide professional counselling services from my easily accessible home office in Burnt Ash Lane, Bromley.


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31 March 2019

Sally was super helpful during times and issues which were difficult for me. Even though I no longer see her, I know that I’m more than welcome to contact her anytime and would definitely go back to deal with any more anxiety issues. Thankyou so much Sally!
Highly recommend.


Perry Burton

8 April 2018

At a point in my life when I felt so lost, I picked Sally to help me, and thats exactly what she has done and much more. Her natural ability to care and listen, coupled with her professional approach is exactly what I needed. I leave Sally knowing more about myself and others around me and the comfort that she is there for me.
I throughly recommend Sally, her expertise and positive attitude.
Thank you Sally

Pleasure and a privilege to work with you Perry, thanks so much for your kind words.


Michelle Heaton

4 June 2017

I went for counselling because I didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes I had made before in my relationships. I wasn’t sure that it could work for me, but it has. I highly recommend Sally, she really helped put me at ease. And I am now happy to say I feel confident in a relationship and to finally give it my all. More...


Ross Carswell

17 November 2016

I struggle with depression and after coming off my meds I needed to see someone. Sally was brilliant. She helped me look at deeper issues which I hadn't realised before.
I recommend her to anyone who needs help.

A pleasure working with you Ross. :-)

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Seeing clients open up about issues which have clearly been causing them pain for a long time. Watching them as they realise that there is strength in allowing themselves to be vulnerable. It is a true privilege to be trusted with clients innermost worries, and I learn as much from my clients as they learn from their time with me.

Being there for the 'Aha' moment!

I have been self-employed for over ten years now in one field or another. It began with realising that I needed more flexibility to care for my son.

Only my clients can answer that one I'm afraid!

Counselling is so much about the relationship, particularly Person Centred Counselling, which is my core model. It is vital that my clients feel valued, fully accepted and not judged. I am very open and will be honest and caring in my meetings with them. PCC is about enabling clients to step back and examine their lives, then empowering them to take the correct action. It is not for me to say 'you must do this', but rather to help you to restore balance in your life.