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System Deep Reviews

System Deep Reviews

Review of System Deep by Kerri Taylor
5 Kerri Taylor

I've been to many osteopaths/Physio's etc over the years and I have to say none were as thorough as Phil. I left feeling it was money well spent and positive he could make a difference to my neck/back problems. My range of movement had drastically improved after the end of the session.

Review of System Deep by Louise Charles
5 Louise Charles

I can’t recommend System Deep enough. I’ve experienced back and shoulder pain for many years, the difference that one session with Phil made was incredible. Phil is very knowledgeable and professional, I will definitely be returning in the future.

Review of System Deep by Luisa Borrelli
5 Luisa Borrelli

Amazing results after just one session! Rang Phil for an urgent appointment due to pain and stiffness across my neck and shoulders which was causing me to have a lingering headache, and preventing me from training. He provided me with an appointment the same day and what a difference, pain and tension gone, just left with soreness from treatment that was well worth it! Booked in for another full body sports massage next week! Can’t praise him enough! Thanks!

Review of System Deep by James Limbo Limbert
5 James Limbo Limbert

Excellent! 110% reccormend Phil to anyone!!
He helped me to understand how my injury to my knee was caused an then proceeded to source any other routes of my pain all the way from legs-hips-back. He helped get rid of all of my issues (knots / lack of range of motion) in ONE SESSION!!! aswel as giving great advice on streching an strengthening to prevent injury again. thankyou Phil!

Review of System Deep by Cian Phillips
5 Cian Phillips

Absolutely amazing already booked in again. would definitely recommend Phil to anyone wish i had seen him sooner! had pain in my back and neck after a car crash. After 1 session with him its 10 × better can now breath better, outstanding 10/10

Review of System Deep by Genna Loskutnikov
5 Genna Loskutnikov

Phil is focused and passionate about his work ... very very impressed with his knowledge and service and have already booked my next one ! "Pain level 15 ... just has to be done "
I have more mobility now in my upper body then I've had for a long time would highly recommend to anyone !!!
Very professional and friendly service

Review of System Deep by Richard Walsh
5 Richard Walsh

After seeing Phil for the first time and explaining my problems with shoulder mobility in crossfit workouts, he wasted no time and broke down the issues affecting my stability.
I highly recommend Phil and his knowledge that’s helping me overcome these issues in workouts.

Review of System Deep by Tracy Davies
5 Tracy Davies

Being a hairdresser for 30 years I have suffered with my back, neck and shoulders for years now and have tried many different therapies over that time. A friend recommended system deep physical therapy to me so I decided to book an appointment to see if Phil could help me.
I was made to feel very welcome and comfortable as soon as I arrived.
Firstly, Phil did a thorough consultation before working his magic.
Throughout the session he kept checking to see how I was coping with the amount of pressure he was applying. All I can say is
' no pain, no gain' �
I can't believe after one session how much more movement I had in my neck and shoulders, just amazing!!
He also gave me some advice on warming up and stretching before my gym workouts.
He sure does know his stuff.
I would highly recommend system deep physical therapy to anyone.
Thank you so much Phil and see you soon � x

Review of System Deep by Ian Davies
5 Ian Davies

Had my first session of deep physical therapy today, Phil immediately made me feel welcome and relaxed. I had an operation over 2 years ago on my right shoulder (rotator cuff and two torn tendons) but after 4 months off work and lots and lots of physio I still never felt anywhere near my best.
After hearing about the very good work Phil had been doing for some of his clients I decided to give it a go and after 1 hour of intense therapy, I can say what a good decision it was. I have much more freedom in my movement and where I was scared and hesitant to sometimes do the basic of things I already feel more confident to do. My strength is still miles away but with the knowledge and exercise regime Phil has given me I now feel there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks Phil, next session already booked! �.

Review of System Deep by Claire Crowther
5 Claire Crowther

Can't believe the difference in my shoulder after 1 session... being a bikini fitness athlete I put my body through a lot of hard training in the gym and my body was starting to complain about it. But Phil really knows his stuff and set me up feeling ready to take on the world!!

Review of System Deep by Tia Elaine Hulse
5 Tia Elaine Hulse

Phenomenal. All ready after one session I have more movement than with other physios.
Phil is truly one of the best in his line of work.

It's nice to find someone who is so passionate about there work, which is shown by the support and knowledge given.

Review of System Deep by Megan Moo Brown
5 Megan Moo Brown

After a nasty fractured ankle a year ago I have since been compensating badly. Phil has evened me out and made me focus on being straight to prevent long term issues. I can now move better and I’m sure my horse appreciates it. Phil is Very professional and easy to get along with. No pain no gain!

Review of System Deep by Tayla Clamp
5 Tayla Clamp

I went to Phill hoping to finally correct my poor posture. After trying many different therapist, I can honestly say I have never felt this much difference from one session! I will certainly be a returning customer and will hopefully be able to kick my bad habits and posture to the kerb with the help of System Deep. Would highly recommend!�

Review of System Deep by Kay Lawrenson
5 Kay Lawrenson

Wow! Absolutely amazing! Have had various back treatments in the past, some more effective than others but have never had a sports massage or a treatment like this. Can't recommend Phil's professional approach enough, completely put at ease throughout.
In Phil's words 'On a scale of 10 . . . ' I'd say about a 15! Feel so much better already, amazing movement in my shoulders and lower back, thank you.

Review of System Deep by Sara-louise Rafferty
5 Sara-louise Rafferty

Went to Phil due to having pains in my shoulder whilst training and whilst at rest, upon arriving phil had a lovely smiling face to greet me which put me at ease straight away, the whole way through my 60 minute session he was very reassuring and chatty, asking me if everything felt ok. I left feeling happy and relaxed, already booked my next session! Overall friendly, professional and lovely guy who really knows his stuff!! Fab! See you soon x

Review of System Deep by Bonnie Weston-Hughes
5 Bonnie Weston-Hughes

I have spent more than half of my life suffering in pain. My neck, shoulders and lower back pain has become part of my daily routine. After many tests from the doctors and being told I am as flexible as a ballerina I came to the conclusion that this is my life and it's time to accept the pain and learn to live with it. I then came across system deep on face book and read many amazing reviews. I needed to see Phil and see if he could help me understand why I am in pain. I did not expect miracles or to be instantly fixed so I booked my appointment to see if his expertise could help reduce my pain and symptoms.
I highly recommend. Phil listens to you and makes the consultation very personal. Every individual is different and he listens to your needs. After checking over my dodgy body! Phil explained thoroughly what he thinks the problem could be and in my case how this can be causing me pain and stiffness in my body.

The treatment was tough and I was constantly asked how the pressure was making sure it wasn't to uncomfortable as I knew I needed to be worked on deep into the muscles.

After the treatment I was given advice on how to complete morning exercises to help my pain and stiffness until my next appointment.

The following day I felt sore but had the most amazing feeling of crackling in my shoulders which felt like a release of build up and tension.

I cannot wait for my next appointment. I normally feel uncomfortable being a girl but Phil made me feel at ease. Lovely chill out tunes on and a great environment.

Thank you for a great experience and for the bruises on my back!!! Ha! They are worth It!

Review of System Deep by Helen Ryvar
5 Helen Ryvar

If you're looking for a deep tissue sports massage Phil's your guy! As a very active person and heavy gym user I felt the need to find someone powerful to release my tight muscles in my back. Phil was recommended to me and he really listened to what I wanted. He explained what he was doing at all times and what the benefits were. He also ensured I was comfortable throughout the procedure. Would highly recommend �����

Review of System Deep by Dave Pemberton
5 Dave Pemberton

My wife and I have been struggling with neck and back issues for a long time now.

Mine is down to the training that I do and I had just come to terms that I would always struggle with them.

My neck was so stiff that I lacked full movement in it and it also led to tension headaches which was only manageable by dropping numerous painkillers.

A friend of ours had been to see Phil and recommended him to me and my wife.. Now I have had massages before, but they never really helped the issue, but Phil worked wonders..

Don’t get me wrong, this was not always the most comfortable of massages as Phil used a fair amount of force to break down the issues, but this is exactly what I needed..

The release of tension after the massage was unbelievable. The range of motion back in my neck, shoulders and back was something that I have not felt for a long time..

I cannot recommend Phil enough for any niggles that you may have and I am really looking forward to my next session… well kind of �

Review of System Deep by Alex Digby
5 Alex Digby

3 rd session with phil today now after slipping down some steps at work my doctors sent me off with some pills ! Been a painful and eye opening experience,could nt walk properly into his treatment room at my 1 meeting!Phil explains what happening how he plans to mend and is honest about how it will hurt before it gets better! I’m now walking better and slowly rebuild damaged tissue and re training my muscles. Thanks phil �

Review of System Deep by Laura Kate Edwards
5 Laura Kate Edwards

I have suffered chronic back pain for years. Never able to suffice the pain, I had previously tried other methods & therapists but with no success. I was introduced to Phil by a friend & I’m go grateful I’ve found someone who I actually feel will help me. He ran me through the entire treatment, making sure I was completely comfortable and not in too much discomfort. I am already booked in for my next session and excited that my days of ‘granny walking’ will be a thing of the past. Thanks Phil �

Review of System Deep by Della Roberts
5 Della Roberts

I have been suffering with my legs for years, been to doctors and physio but got nowhere, found Phil on facebook and made an appointment and just from the consultation, talking with him he knew exactly what area to work on, Phil made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I walked out a different person, looking forward to my next session.
Would highly recommend System Deep to anyone .
Thank you so much Phil

Review of System Deep by Lottie Cobby
5 Lottie Cobby

I had my first session today with Phil.
Today he concentrated a lot on my shoulders as I have dislocated both and broken my collar bone. At the end of the session I felt a lot more supple and could move my shoulders more correctly I would recommend him to everyone who is struggling with any pain. Great session can't wait for the next one.

Review of System Deep by Victoria Williams
5 Victoria Williams

Fantastic results already after visiting Phill for the first time today. I always thought I had bad hips but today I learnt that it’s actually my back causing my pain! Phill’s expert knowledge and skill has given me more flexibility and movement than I think I’ve ever had. As a busy hairdresser and Mum of 3 my body has had to stand up to a lot of wear and tear so knowing that I can now visit System Deep for an MOT regularly to look after myself is such a relief !
Thank you so much Phill �

Review of System Deep by Shannon Mash
5 Shannon Mash

Yesterday was the first time I have had a deep tissue massage and I can honestly say I was not disappointed. Phil made me feel comfortable and at ease. I felt relaxed from the moment I arrived. I an a keen runner and often have niggles and pains that I leave untreated. Phil's knowledge and understanding was excellent and he explained things to me throughout the treatment. He gave me injury prevention advice to help me improve my performance. I would highly recommend System Deep Physical Therapy to anyone. Thanks Phil. See you soon! �

Review of System Deep by Simon Cooke
5 Simon Cooke

After years of back issues ranging from poor posture, rugby related injuries and a car accident last year I was recommended to see Phil.
I've had various treatments and tried different things over the years but I can't believe the difference after just one session.
I now have full range of movement in my back and shoulder and am looking forward to being able to train again properly.
Thanks so much Phil 👍

Review of System Deep by Claire Thomas
5 Claire Thomas

Being a hairdresser I suffer with terrible shoulder pain. I have had so many massages in the past, from sports massage to Thai massage... they always make me feel better for a few days then I'm back to being in pain. Phil really understands muscles and the body more than anyone I've ever been to, he made me feel at ease and talked me through everything. I had instant relief and more movement. Looking forward to my next visit.
No more back pain ��

Review of System Deep by Becks Jackson
5 Becks Jackson

I loved my first appointment with Phil at System Deep. Making me feel comfortable & relaxed, he quickly identified what needed treating. Phil kept me informed of what he was doing, why he was doing it & what I should feel throughout my treatment which meant that I felt part of the treatment not just the recipient! His follow up advice has been spot on so far & I can feel the benefits already with a big reduction in pain & significantly increased range of movement so I’m really looking forwards to see how Phil can help me stay on top form for the rest of the season.

Review of System Deep by Josh Roberts
5 Josh Roberts

I'v just had my first visit with Phil after having issues with my shoulder for nearly 12 months now after the damage we put our bodies through competing in MMA and jujitsu. I definetly recommend him to anyone who has problems with movement or mobility, very professional and knows exactly where the problem is to be fixed

Review of System Deep by Sophie Williams
5 Sophie Williams

As someone who has suffered with right shoulder pain and muscle tension for years I've had numerous deep tissue massages and nothing compared to system deep. Phil treated me holistically and worked on multiple areas that were affecting my shoulder (not just focusing on my shoulder, as many massage therapists do). He was professional and made me feel at ease throughout the whole session, continually asking me if pressure and pain was tolerable. In just one session he has released tension and eased my pain. Quickly booking my next session �

Review of System Deep by Andy McHugh
5 Andy McHugh

**Unbelievable** Just come out of a session with Phil and feel amazing. I really struggle with tension in my lower back and more so my shoulders, specifically my right shoulder. Phil has battered me, in a good way, and already the amount of movement I have is unbelievable.

Can recommend him enough and along with his magic he's worked, he's a genuinely nice guy who loves what he does and cares and shows an interest in you.

See you next week

Review of System Deep by Jill Newitt
5 Jill Newitt

I've just had my first appointment with Phil today to help deal with my lower back and leg pain I've experienced for over 3 years.
The appointment was like a breath of fresh air. Phil managed to establish the likely cause of the problem and was very hands on dealing with the pain.
I'm already experiencing much less pain after just one visit and I'm optimistic that if anyone can sort it Phil will! My only regret is that I didn't visit him sooner!

Review of System Deep by Eleanor Biggs
5 Eleanor Biggs

Very professional and friendly service, today is day one after my treatment and I already feel a thousand times better. My shoulders are so much looser and lower! I'm now very excited to be continuing my treatments to improvement my body to the best that it can be! Highly recommend - especially for horse riders as Phill is very knowledgable about the problems that we suffer with.

Review of System Deep by Janice Edwards
5 Janice Edwards

I have suffered with huge tightness in my back and restricted movement for many months and as a 60 year old eventer this was causing me problems with riding and competing my horses. Phil has done an amazing job in just my first session and the difference in my range of movement from when I stepped in to his surgery and after the treatment was fantastic. At long last I feel I have found someone who understands my issues and will give me the correct treatment to help me back to full fitness again. Onwards and upwards .... �

Review of System Deep by Leanne Roberts
5 Leanne Roberts

Literally can’t believe what a difference Phil has made for me! I’ve been in so much pain for weeks and had very little movement in my arms and back, I came out of my session and managed to look left and right in my car without turning my whole body or in pain! Such a difference, Phil really knows his stuff and is an amazing therapist! Can’t wait for my next session and I will be recommending you to everyone � thank you so much! I’d give you more than 5 stars if I could! Thank you, thank you, thank you �

Review of System Deep by Leeroy Silvester
5 Leeroy Silvester

Really top set up from Phil in working with me on a pain I've had in my arm. Instantly worked out what the issue was and by the end of the session had eliviated to pain to almost gone and given me a few new ideas to help progress forward plus 2 stretches I've not come across that hit the spot perfectly. Thanks again. Will recommend.

Review of System Deep by John Jones
5 John Jones

After going to see Phil with a problem with my left upper back which I have had for a while and seen other people before him his diagnosis was superb very thorough and spot on he gave me the treatment and straight away it feels so much better he gave me a programme of exercises to do to work that area his bedside manner was fantastic and reasureing I have no hesitation in recommending Phil to anybody a proper gentleman as well

Review of System Deep by Sophie Emma
5 Sophie Emma

I’ve seen a few friends of mine promoting Phil at System Deep over the last few weeks. I’ve had long term issues with my shoulders and pelvis and even though I’ve been to a chiropractor, the pain still comes back.

We went through my history and he put me totally at ease. What most surprised me was that there were no time restraints. Everywhere I’ve been in the past have been 1 hour max, even if the issue still exists. Whereas Phil would only move on from an area when it was sorted.

Booked in again this weekend and I can’t wait!

Review of System Deep by Jayne Price
5 Jayne Price

I have been suffering with a stiff neck for almost 4 years now, I initially thought I had pulled it and went to a physio who gave me some exercises to do which didn't really help! I then went to an oesteopath who gave me a few clicks and told me I had 'classic desk syndrome' and as long as I sat at a desk for hours every day it wouldn't improve and to just keep paying him every month for a few more neck clicks! I suffered in silence for years spending hundreds of pounds on pillows thinking they would help! They didnt!!
I saw the advert for Systems deep on facebook and read all the reviews so thought I have to give this a try, all these people can't be wrong!
Firstly what a lovely guy Phil is, so friendly, he put me to ease straight away as we discussed my systems, and laughed at my oesteopaths diagnosis! He could feel the stiffness in my neck and shoulder blades straight away and used various techniques to break down the cemented knots I had! Straight after the difference was incredible I could turn my neck more than I have in years! So today although I am feeling a bit bruised (Phil did warn me that would happen) I don't feel the pressure and tightness in my neck at all! I am booked back in for round 2 in a couple of weeks!
I honestly can't recommend Phil enough if anyone is considering treatment, or like me has been wasting money over the years on trying other things please stop and reach out to Phil instead!
Thanks so much Phil

Review of System Deep by Stephen Crowther
5 Stephen Crowther

Having lived with a number of recurring injuries and problem areas for years, I had my first appointment with Phil last weekend. He took the time to go through every detail of every problem, and link everything together to understand the root causes. His knowledge is clearly exceptional, and he has an obvious passion for what he does. His communication and attitude to clients is also first rate, and he creates a professional but friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Treatment itself was firm enough to be effective, but not uncomfortable or unnecessarily rough. After my first session I felt quite a lot more mobile and confident that he can improve the issues long-term. I'd happily recommend Phil to anyone!

Review of System Deep by Chris Rowlands-Barber
5 Chris Rowlands-Barber

Really nice guy, really knows his stuff. Explained everything to me and really helped to work on the knots in my back and shoulders. Don’t waste your money on massages or therapy elsewhere. Give this guy a try!

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