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Acer Coaching Associates;
Founder/CEO: Susie Briscoe
International Business Executive Coach & Mentor; Master Leadership with Legacy, Life, & Heritage Mentor; Author;
Senior Coach & Mentor at Brian Tracy International;
Senior Coach & Mentor at NC


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Sofie Nubani

27 February 2019

Susie Briscoe likes to support clients in moving from a place of success to one of significance, she is known to help business leaders discover rainbows within their lives. Her coaching style has been described as intuitive, empathetic, and compassionate as well as motivating. Love her bright light and genuine care as she is helping others find and live their full potential. I recommend Susie to any business organization or individuals, leaders , executives that are wanting to take there personal life or career to the next level. More...

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Hello! I’m Susie Briscoe, the founding chair of Acer Coaching Associates; I have discovered throughout my life the importance of giving back and have been involved in voluntary work for 4 charities over the last 40 years. The area I’m focusing on now is supporting business leaders and entrepreneurs with attaining clarity around where they can spend or leave their money. This sometimes involves setting up their trust, non-profit organisation or charity, as well as selecting appropriate ones for them to support in order to discover their philanthropic passion – how they will manifest the vision for their own legacy.