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Dear Parents,

Thank you for dropping in, your time is appreciated.

On this page, you'll discover exactly how to create the most fun, exciting and magical party for your youngster AND how to arrange for a truly 'stress-free' party for yourself.

I have (modesty aside) the God-given ability to have children WANT to do what I am doing. The secret is in the warm-up, it's highly interactive, magical and very very funny, sometimes children complain their tummies hurt from laughing. The children can join in whenever they arrive so it doesn't matter if they are early, on time or a little late.

Once they discover I am nice, friendly and a very funny person to be with, they follow me like the Pied Piper, why wouldn't they? The rest of the party is easy, the children are metaphorically eating out of the palm of my hand.

For the children, here's the tried and tested party plan...

• Warm Up.
• Age appropriate magic show - I'll tell you more about my magic shows when we talk, I have five to choose from all aimed at different ages.
• Food - that's the bit you do, but I can help with some ideas if you want.
• Birthday cake - I've added some magic and funny bits to the traditional routine.
• Party Games - All my own invention, no one is ever 'out' everyone is guaranteed to be a winner, and one special person becomes the world champion!

For their parents, here are some things I can do for you...

1. Offer different packages at different prices, so one is bound to fit your budget.
2. Supply Party Bags, Invitations, Name Badges and lots more. In fact, if you do the food and the birthday cake, we'll do the rest, nice and easy for you.
3. Promoted to Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star in January 2012, so you know it's good.
4. 100% guaranteed, you only pay if you agree I'm great and really do walk the talk. You can read the full guarantee here
5. Offer Easy Payment Terms so you can spread the cost AFTER your party and pay in small bite-size pieces at no additional cost if you wish.
6. Answer all your questions, before, during and after your party. This may help now
7. Help you find a venue if you wish to party away from your home.
8. Five completely different magic shows all aimed at different ages, so everything in your show will be targeted at your child's age.
9. A show for older children aged 10 to 13 check this out
10. Loads of 5* review here on Bark and elsewhere, all 100% genuine I promise.
11. Comprehensive website
12. Live bunny rabbit, produced by magic by your child, would that make their day?
13. One of the best balloon modellers around, I can make just about anything.
14. Be very nice people to work with, we know how to treat a client, test us and see.

To get the ball rolling towards the best children's party you will ever host, call me now on...

Freephone 0800-0188118
Direct: 01737-350586
Mobile: 07906-876279

Best wishes
Mr. Mysto (to the children)
Clive to their parents
'Oi You' also works!

P.S. As a thank you for reading this far I would like to send you a copy of my book to you as a gift. Phone me on 01737-350586 and say "can I have a book for free" and we'll send you a copy and even pay for the postage with absolutely no obligation. You get a copy of
"The 17 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make with Their Children's Parties and How To Avoid Them plus 89 Other Tips for a Hassle Free Party"
Don't you just love short titles?

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  • 1 hour average response time
Stress Free Children's Parties Reviews


Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Ann Isenberg
5 03/07/2019 Ann Isenberg

Thank you for your wonderful shows and mini tricks that you performed on Friday. I appreciate we had a smaller audience than expected but the feedback was great and that for us was the most important thing.

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Jun
5 30/06/2019 Jun

Thanks for Mr Mysto's magic time at my daughter's birthday party. The boys and girls are so attracted by his words and tricks and they laughed from the beginning to the end. Especially my daughter laughed from ear to ear all the time and she felt she was very special as the birthday girl. Mr Mysto helps plan his show with other activities to make sure everything is fab. Thanks very much and highly recommend him to anyone who plans a party.

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Gagan Sihra
5 30/06/2019 Gagan Sihra

Mr. Mysto was very funny, very cheeky and I really enjoyed my party- Dhevan (age 8)
Mr. Mysto provides a great service, everything was taken care of prior to the party. The kids had a great time and loved their party bags too.

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Shelane
5 17/06/2019 Shelane

Anyone who is thinking of booking a magician then look no further then mr mysto, we had over 50 people at our party and all 50 left the party talking about how good mr mysto was on the day, thank you mr mysto for everything for my daughters birthday and I will definitely book you the following year again.

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by elaine
5 11/06/2019 elaine

great fun, the kids and the grown up loved it

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Darryl Hardy
5 07/04/2019 Darryl Hardy

I was very impressed by the way the kids were scooped up as they arrived, avoiding that awkward hanging around at the beginning of the party.
The entertainment continued at a pace and the kids were fully involved and all included. The parents also found him highly entertaining and his "adult only" jokes went down very well. Money well spent.

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Sylvia C.
5 12/02/2019 Sylvia C.

The entertainment was great. All the children were glued to him. Not one bored soul in the room. Fantastic and truly stress-free!

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by JP
5 23/01/2019 JP

We are very happy with our decision to have entrusted Mr Mysto with our son's 9th birthday party. Everything was beautifully organised and we were sincerely impressed by the way he was able to keep 20 boisterous kids under control through great magic and humour which kept their full attention for over 2 hours. Would highly recommend him without hesitation.

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Tara Lovelock
5 13/01/2019 Tara Lovelock

Mr Mysto was totally brilliant at my son's 6th birthday party. He is an incredible entertainer who I highly recommend! From the moment the first guest arrived to the last one leaving (2.5hrs later) he had all of the children laughing their heads off - they were engaged, amazed, shocked and thoroughly enjoyed every second of the party. The warm up tricks got every child settled and happy within seconds of walking into the party. Mr Mysto did a wonderfully funny and entertaining magic show, which ended with my son being the magnificent magician and he is still trying to figure out how he managed to magic a real rabbit into a box - just magical!
The adults laughed just as much as the children and the close up tricks he performed to us were very impressive indeed (he would be great to book for a grown up party too!). In addition to the close up magic he had some very funny jokes that made the adults laugh a lot too.
Mr Mysto kept the attention of everyone throughout the party, he performed a brilliant magic show, has some unique really fun party games (that you won't find at any other party) and is an exceptional entertainer.
From the first phone call he made everything very easy and stress free. The party pack was perfect, as were the party bags and balloon models.
I promise that you won't be disappointed if you book him! I have been inundated with thank you messages from parents saying how much their children loved the party and the adults who were there loved it just as much!
To sum up - in my son's words: "It was the best party EVER!"
A huge thank you Mr. Mysto!

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Charlotte Killgallon
5 31/12/2018 Charlotte Killgallon

Perfectly catered to entertain children of all ages, while also involving the adults and keeping the attention of everyone in the room.

The close-up magic received rave reviews from everyone (children and adults), I will be pondering a few of them myself for a while!

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Nicole
5 17/12/2018 Nicole

Hi Clive, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for today. It really was a stress-free party from you. Right from the start, you kept all the kids entertained and were amazing, they all had a fab time! Jake really enjoyed himself and you made sure he was the centre of attention and involved in everything so thank you for making his party!

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Neetu
5 03/12/2018 Neetu

Clive was fantastic, he was so good with the kids and had a group of mainly 8 year old boys entertained and under control for the entire party. This gave me time to make sure all of the adults were looked after.
My son loved the party and so did the adults, they got a few tricks too!
Great service in terms of preparation ahead of the party, I had my invites, thank you cards, party plan and party bags organised by Clive which was great and gave me back some time.

Highly recommended if you want a entertaining fun filled party for your child!

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Stephen
5 25/11/2018 Stephen

Fun and engagement with all from the minute Clive arrived

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Louise Whisselle
5 24/09/2018 Louise Whisselle

Mr. Mysto attended our sons 5th birthday party, and from start to finish was great, excellent communication and made my sons party one to remember! Everyone had a great time, thank you! Definitely, recommend.

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Monica
5 10/09/2018 Monica

My son (5yrs) had the most wonderful birthday party, he and all his friends loved the show and laughed from the beginning to the end. Children and adults were amused by Mr Mysto, great show for all.
Thank you!
Danny and Monica

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Claire Pullen
5 08/08/2018 Claire Pullen

I booked Stress Free Children's Parties for my daughters 8th birthday party and we all loved it. Clive had 20 kids all under control for 3 hours and I had the package that included invitations and party bags which was fab. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again and can highly recommend the whole service from start to finish.

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Nachman
5 07/08/2018 Nachman

Amazing is not the word, fabulous is! The children were shocked by everything he did.

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Neil
5 23/07/2018 Neil

Clive was an absolute legend. From the moment he arrived he was entertaining everyone. Tricks for the adults and ensuring my son was well used to him by the time his friends arrived. A room of 4 year olds was absolutely no problem for Mr Mysto. He controlled the party for over 2 hours ensuring all the kids were fully engaged and the parents could relax or get involved and enjoy the show.
I can’t recommend Clive enough! He delivered an amazing party and delighted the kids and the adults at the party. He’s also a really lovely bloke too. What more could you ask for!

Neil and Jess

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Emma Winspear
5 23/07/2018 Emma Winspear

Clive was great on all fronts. He kept the kids engaged for the entire 2 hours (5year olds!!) We were left free to make sure the parents were attended to.

The arranging prior to the party was great. Fast and frequent communication which left me knowing all was in order.

Then the party itself - from the minute he arrived to set up, he kept all of us entertained. The parents left saying that they were wanting more, not just the kids. The laughter coming from the party room was indeed infectious.

I would recommend Clive’s services at any time. What a treat we all had. My son says it ‘the best day he has ever had!’

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Karen
5 02/06/2018 Karen

Mr Mysto did a fantastic job fo my daughters party . He kept the children entertained for the full 3 hour . He made the birthday girl feel very special !!

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Charlotte Minett
5 13/05/2018 Charlotte Minett

Mr Mysto put on a fantastic performance and took the stress away of the party for our son. It allowed us to do other things and concentrate on the food. Everyone at the party had a fantastic time.

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by vicky
5 03/04/2018 vicky

wasnt really sure where to start on organising a party for 22 7 year olds but stumbled across mr mysto!! the entertainment was a massive part of the day and im pleased to say he had it all covered with the offer of advice on everything else too..
he made my daughter feel at ease and kept every childs attention for the whole party.. with an undercurrent of adult humour too, everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves..
even at the higher priced end of entertainers, i would highly recommend clive.. :-)

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Tony Rwland
4 05/03/2018 Tony Rwland

Very professional response and deiivery of skills and service. Mr Mysto/(Hyams) is definitely someone I would not hesitate to recommend

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Katherine
5 12/02/2018 Katherine

Brilliant all the way through!

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Chisa Mkala
5 24/01/2018 Chisa Mkala

Mr Mysto / Clive came and entertained the Children at my daughters 5th birthday party and I have to say we where very impressed with how he interacted with all the children and was able to hold there attention for the whole period of the party. He also entertained the adults whilst the Children ate. I would thoroughly recommend him and his service to anyone!

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Margarita
5 24/01/2018 Margarita

Clive was very good! We had party in two parts, children show and close up magic for aduls and both were a great success. He involved all kids in his tricks, children were happy and laughing. Adults were facinated by magic. Although the entertainment may be on a pricy side, but definitely worth it!

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Nele
5 08/01/2018 Nele

Mr Mysto aka Clive is simply awesome. We hired him to entertain at our 6 year old son's birthday. This meant putting on a show for 14 kids. The show he put on was excellent. He held the kids attention for 3 hours. He was funny and there were genuine moments of awe from the kids. My son is quite shy but from the moment Mr Mysto arrived at our home (half hour before the show) he made our son feel at ease. He did this by doing some quick and funny magic tricks. The kids were not the only ones to be entertained. During the interval of the show and before and after Mr Mysto treated us parents to some brilliant close up card and slight of hand magic, leaving us wondering 'how?' All in all a fabulous show. Not only were we impressed but the other parents were too. Will hire him again for our daughters 6th birthday for sure.

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Nina
5 11/12/2017 Nina

With yesterday afternoon's event still very fresh in my mind, I would like to thank Mr Mysto for entertaining us all with such skill from the moment he entered the venue. The occasion was my husband's 70th Birthday, a sit-down meal for 36 guests, family and friends, including our 5 grandsons- aged 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9. So a mixed bunch! Clive arrived as we were finishing our main course and he spent the first hour performing clever close up magic at each table, peppered with quick off the cuff comments and jokes. Just right whilst enjoying our desserts and coffee, and a relaxed, yet very entertaining way to end our dinner. Then for the next hour, he summoned the boys to sit on their chairs in a row, facing him and all his funny props. This was 'their show', but cleverly tailored to us, the adults too, in fact we didn't move from our seats. The boys laughed,- proper belly laughs- for the whole hour at all Mr Mysto's antics and their laughter was truly catching. They responded and interacted at all times- and when needed, Mr Mysto had full control. Five boys with very different personalities, but he made sure they all had a turn in helping, with skill and sensitivity. Mr Mystos balloon models are amazing. We all laughed at his clever fast coming jokes and our attention and that of the boys did not waiver throughout. Thank you for a most enjoyable two hours and more, before you had to head off to your next venue. ps We first came across Mr Mysto when our daughter- now 29- was at primary school. We enjoyed her birthday show so much that we asked him to entertain us at my husband's 50th birthday party at our home. He did of course do a great job then too- in fact, he made the party and has since been recommended to many! So how lucky were we to find that he had an afternoon space free for Sat Dec 9th 2017, 20 years on!? So from excellent help and advice from Kevin, his PA, on my initial enquiry, to full enjoyment for all ages on the day. We all say Thank You so much. Ken and Nina Read, family and friends.

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Olga Malyon
5 08/11/2017 Olga Malyon

Thanks a lot for Clive for being main part of my daughter 7th Birthday Party. Perform and was amazing. Oven an hour kids and adults has been involved in such a special and unic show which has been tailored for my daughter even with short notice. Will come back to you again and for everyone will highly recommend to book. You wouldn’t be disappointed!!!!)))

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by ROCHELLE NOV5
5 08/11/2017 ROCHELLE NOV5

Engaging and lots of fun for the children. One parent came to me after the show to show her appreciation for she had never seen her little one concentrate and giggle so much in his entire life....Kudos

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Laura
5 19/10/2017 Laura

Fantastic from start to finish. Kept a room full of 5 yr old and their parents amazed. Highly recommend.

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Beth Watkins
5 19/10/2017 Beth Watkins

He had all of the kids enthralled throughout the party and managed to make what I presumed to be my worst nightmare into a thoroughly enjoyable day! Couldn't recommend him enough for an easy, stress free and highly entertaining party

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Joseph Mankarious
5 19/10/2017 Joseph Mankarious

Very well organised. Kids enjoyed it to the end.

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by Alana
5 19/10/2017 Alana

Hi Clive I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing party on Saturday - Freddie absolutely loved every second of it and it was by far the best children's party I have ever been to. It was also the least stressful party I have ever had to host - it was great to have an entertainer present for the duration of the party and thank you as well for involving the adults whilst the children were having their tea. Paul and the other adults were blown away by some of the magic tricks you showed them! I downloaded the photos last night that were taken and I have never seen so many children with such amazing expressions on their faces - the genuine enjoyment on their faces was so apparent! The finale involving the rabbit was brilliant too - it was highly amusing listening to the children while they were trying to work out if it was a real rabbit. Freddie genuinely thinks he performed a trick that you have been practicing for ages and not yet been able to do. He thinks he is the bees knees and he honestly believes that without him the rabbit wouldn't have appeared which is just a magical thing for him and for me to see as his mum! I was at another children’s party (football party) on Sunday with some of the children who came to Freddie's and I had several of the parents say to me that their child had gone home on such a high and said it was the best party they had ever been to! I will be in touch shortly to hopefully book Anya's party on 2nd August - I just want to let a couple of days go by and make sure it is what she wants - it certainly is what I want for her! I really can't thank you enough and will certainly recommend you to anyone who ever speaks to me! Best wishes

Review of Stress Free Children's Parties by James Seager
5 19/10/2017 James Seager

Great entertainment and magician

Stress Free Children's Parties

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Stress Free Children's Parties Q&A

Company Q&A

How long have you been interested in magic?

Clive started performing magic aged 8 years old, the bug bit him hard and he still loves performing. He turned professional in 1981 and for the next 30 years was working flat out, performing at more than six shows (on average) every week. One December he performed at 89 different events.
In 2011 he semi-retired and now performs at only a handful of shows each month. He says "less is more" because he really looks forward to the days he is working and his more relaxed style allows him to be more generous with his time.

Take us through your show – what can we expect?

This is harder to answer because it is not what Clive does that's important but what the client receives that is the important thing. Sounds strange I know, but he has a wealth of material and stacks of ideas, so let's talk about what you would like, we will help you choose and let's do what is right for your party, your child your guests and of coure YOU.

What do you love most about your job?

The audience reaction. Clive loves the laughter and the looks of total disbelief whenever he is working. At times children laugh so hard that they complain their tummies hurt. If I DO something funny, then SAY something very funny and then fall of the chair and hurt my bottom, that's when the children have trouble catching their breath.

What inspired you to start your own business?

To better be able to serve client's the way the should be served. Clive instilled a policy which he calls 'Best Friend' treat EVERYONE, client's, suppliers and staff as your very very very best friend. This allows us to go the extra mile to make sure the client has the result we agreed and promised and importantly they want, and then do that little bit more.
He started his own business as this allows him to set the rules, as customer services is important to him and sadly lacking in almost every business in this country. Only when you spend a lot of time in the USA do you find out what customer service should be like and that's what we do here.

Why should our clients choose you?

Two reasons...
1. Clive was promoted to Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star, in January 2012, this is TMC's highest degree and reserved for a maximum of 300 magician's in the world. If your magician holds this degree you are assured to be booking one of the very best.
2. I believe Clive is the only magician to offer a comprehensive guarantee, so YOU must agree he is great or he is free of charge, here's what we put in our profile......
Clive wants your child to have the time of their life at their forthcoming children' party, so if for any reason whatsoever, you do not agree he is the most entertaining magician you have ever seen, just as you would expect from a magician promoted in January 2012 to Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star (The Magic Circle's highest degree)... that he has perfect control over every child, runs the best organised party you have ever hosted, makes life VERY easy for you and your child is made to feel like a prince or princess for the duration of their party and you are off the scales pleased you booked him and he is the most helpful and obliging chap you have ever dealt with, then simply tell him at the end of your party and he will cancel your bill and you will not owe him a penny.

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  • 1 hour average response time

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