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Steamboat Creative

Felixstowe, Suffolk

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
Steamboat Creative logo

Steamboat Creative

Felixstowe, Suffolk

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019



You've just discovered a new world.

A think tank with heart, a design consultancy creating eye candy for the mind, body and soul.

We are proud to be a multi-disciplinary boutique studio, rooted in Suffolk - but with an eye on the horizon.

Please discover more at www.steamboatcreative.co.uk

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Steve Cove

14 September 2019

I have worked on a number of projects with Reb and the team at Steamboat Creative, and the experience has always been fantastic. Their creative talent is obvious to anyone, but their attention to detail and clear communication is what really places them above the rest. Highly recommended More...


Nicholas Pandolfi

11 September 2018

Creative agency with fresh thinking and one that delivers. It was great working with Reb across a few projects, she is offers clients a truly down to earth approach by storyboarding the project and delivering on budget.
Fresh ideas, clarity at all times and a superb end product.


MST Media Productions .

8 June 2017

Our fantastic new website is down entirely to the design talents and production skills of Steamboat's creative team, led by Reb Capper. Her professional approach, the superb customer service and the dedication shown in getting every little detail right was, quite simply, outstanding. The process was honest and direct, and made simple from the outset, and the production was executed to the highest standards to which we aspired, and now have, as expressed within our site. Life can indeed be very simple sometimes, so I recommend that you make Steamboat Creative the next stop for all your design, illustration, branding, film production, and animation projects. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. More...


William Jenman

8 June 2017

I managed a large HLF funded project called Touching the Tide (google it to know more!). We wanted something much more engaging and distinctive than your standard tourist info guide; Reb's amazingly illustrated and highly original Map of Mystery was an outstanding success. The first 15,000 disappeared almost immediately, leaving tourism businesses begging for a reprint which we did, and I can see another 15,000 being needed before next season. Steamboat were easy to work with, flexible, professional, met deadlines, and were excellent value. We will definitely work with Steamboat again. More...

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> Strong visuals
> Storytelling
> Purity
> Clear brand messages
> Ease of navigation
> Joy of experience

> How do you want your clients to FEEL as soon as they see your brand / website / film etc?
> What are your aspirations for your project?

> Decipher the problem that needs solving
> Identify the strengths in a client's story
> Tell the story in the most relevant way
> Solve the problem with intelligence and style
> Use emotions to compell and engage audiences

> A clear brief
> The story behind the project
> Aspirations
> An honest budget
> Trust

> Solving the problems that other agencies sometimes miss.
> Giving clients something tangible that can help turn their businesses around in a positive way.
> Providing clients with something they can feel proud of.
> Over delivering on a brief.
> Forging new relationships with lovely people and generally making the working day a lot more fun and enjoyable.
> Always making time for people, tea, cake, ice cream and a fresh, balancing walk by the sea after the work is done.

> I thought I could do it differently and better. So I did.

> We are lovely to work with! We challenge clients, but only ever in a positive way when we believe their businesses will benefit from what we are recommending or designing.
> We make every day fun for all involved.
> We take great pride in our work - which is ultimately your work to show and shout about.
> We have a good balance and perspective on life, so we get plenty of fresh air and inspiration - we don't design in a vacuum.
> We don't just say we're different, we are. We don't use fluffy designer language, we use plain English and emotions to make things that matter to people and that are memorable.