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5 May 2019

Marlene is incredibly intuitive and has so many skills and treatments that it can be a difficult choice. Marlene offers an array of holistic and spiritual healing as well as intuitive talks. Marlene has helped me tremendously in finding my way, helping me to understand myself and bringing joy back into my life.I'm now also looking forward to reflexology alongside it!Thank you Marlene More...


Shawn Vader

25 February 2019

Marlene is an amazing person who's in possession of a wide variety of skills. I went to Marlene, well because I realised that I couldn't figure it all out myself. As a man I think I don't need help and that I can figure it out myself, but I got to the point where I did need someone. Traditional approach of just talking is ineffective for me and I knew I needed to find someone who could really help me and quickly and by chance or good fortune I found Marlene. With an open mind I have managed to deal with everything I needed in just the three times I saw her. She is exceedingly good at honing in on the issue which is very helpful because it means you don't waste time and energy and you come to a solution and therefore a better place much quicker. You also get a practical set of tools to help yourself and I found the whole experience truly transformational and because of the progress also quite enjoyable. She equips you to move forward! Her room is a good space to be in and Marlene is a wonderful and easy person to be with. She has a variety of services and I look forward to experiencing some of them in the future. Please don't wait when there is someone like Marlene to help. More...


Eva Tomkins

26 January 2019

I totally recommend Enerchi Vibes! Incredible!


Marie Spencer-Rowland

26 May 2017

Marlene is fantastic!I first saw her for reflexology and we instantly hit it off. She's a very personable person and it's easy to relax around her.I was intrigued by her healing qualifications so decided to give that a go as I had never actually had any healing done before, except for the odd Reiki treatment. Marlene's healing was beyond amazing!The way Marlene can connect with you and your energies is astounding. This woman has a mind-blowing gift. She's a natural healer but also brings in her intuition and psychic ability. I very quickly found myself going back for a second healing - she was that good. Everything just made sense!The freedom she created within me (and indeed within my energy field) was surprisingly powerful. I actually can't recommend her enough - everyone has to give this a go. You'll be walking on air afterwards.Marlene is funny, down to earth, honest, selfless and incredibly caring.I haven't stopped talking about Marlene to my friends since my first treatment and she is very much my 'go to' person when I need help with something.On top of that, because I'd loved everything she had done so far, I then also attended one of her 1 day workshops. Met some great people, had a fantastic day and learned a lot.Thank you so much Marlene!You've got a customer for life! More...


Miss Williams

26 May 2017

Since seeing Marlene for reflexology a year ago, my migraines have ceased and I no longer suffer from anxiety. I now see her once a fortnight to maintain the benefits. I have no hesitation in recommending Marlene for Reflexology. More...


Bex Swift

26 May 2017

I have had several reflexology treatments with Marlene and I was thoroughly impressed by the holistic quality of the treatment time I had with her. I found the treatment to be of a very high technical quality, and she has a huge level of care, as well as the ability to create a nurturing space. With all of these qualities combined I felt comfortable enough to relax.Marlene is very in tune, and I found that this enables her to hone in to what I need emotionally/physically/mentally, whether it is a gentle/relaxing treatment or a firm/empowering treatment. She is very personable and relaxed as a practitioner and has an experienced approach to both the physical and emotional side of her treatments. I found that after Marlene's treatment I was more relaxed and rejuvenated, my body was functioning better, I felt calmer, ‘problems’ that I had on my mind were now a lot clearer and more manageable, I felt more able to handle day to day situations,….it was just that ‘ something’ that I needed to give me a boost …..and I felt a general brightening of my spirit!As a practitioner myself I work with many different people and I have no hesitation in recommending Marlene as a very competent, kind Reflexologist. I feel strongly that she would look after any future client in the same way that she does with me, and that her treatments are very valuable on many levels for people, of all walks of life. More...


Robert Whipple

26 May 2017

I have been seeing Marlene now for 4 sessions of reflexology, going twice a month. I decided to commence a regular flow of sessions as a result of suffering gout/arthritis and. It's my toe joints which at times can result in unbearable pain. As a young man in my early 30's I sought help and have found the answers through my sessions with Marlene.It has been truly life changing, not just for myself but also my wife and young family. I can only speak from my experience which has been second to none and I have had no flare up!Further to that it's the sense of relaxation, calmness and wellbeing that Marlene brings with it. You get a real connection that helps take the therapy deeper with sustained results!Marlene is a very calm, friendly and personable person who's therapy room is a sanctuary of calm and relaxation.I can't recommend enough and the prices are very very reasonable for the quality outcomes the treatment delivers.I look forward to many more months and years with Marlene.My advice to anybody contemplating reflexology with Marlene is go for one session and you will be hooked.Rob More...


Sawsan Mohamed

26 May 2017

I would highly recommend Marlene, it was like talking to a concerned friend which really added extra value to her service. Before even starting the session, she made some accurate observations which became more insightful during the session. I felt in safe hands and her experience really shined through as I felt so much better after the session (both physically & emotionally). Great experience, great environment and will definitely return. Thank you so much!! More...

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