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We help our clients develop the most appropriate strategy for their needs at any given point in their development timeline. This can comprise general growth and development and/or expansion strategies, whether geographic expansion, diversification or upstream/downstream expansion.



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Has extensive experience of M&A ranging from sub-$5m to $multi-billion deals in a range of industries across both manufacturing and services, including cross-border transactions.

Has extensive experience of strategy and business development across a range of industries in both manufacturing and services, ranging from market entry and development to expansion and restructuring in Europe, Asia and North America.

Has extensive experience of all aspects of corporate finance including project finance, debt and equity funding and complex structured transactions, most of which have been executed in association with strategic development work.

Strong skill sets in acquiring markets and market share, whether upstream or downstream expansion, expansion into adjacent markets and new geographies. This can be by way of organic growth and/or through partnerships, mergers and acquisitions and incorporating digital strategies as an integral part of the solutions by using ou expert knowledge of the digital landscape and techniques combining big data analytics and artificial intelligence.