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The Los Angeles Based Firm Of Shegerian & Associates Includes Staff Of Attorneys, Paralegals, And Legal Assistants Who All Work Tirelessly For The Rights Of Their Clients. Founded By Experienced And Well Respected Trial Lawyer Carney Shegerian In 1996, The Los Angeles Employment Law Firm Of Shegerian & Associates.
We Have Won Over 69 Jury Verdicts, Over 28 Of Which Were 7-figure Verdicts Or More, And Have An Over 95% Success Rate. Whether You have Been Discriminated Against, Harassed, Unfairly Laid Off, Or Wronged In Some Other Way At Your Place Of Work ? It's Important To Remember That You Have Rights!
Shegerian & Associates Was Built To Help Enforce Those Rights And See To It That Employees Are Fairly Compensated And Rewarded In Situations Where They Have Been Wronged.

Shegerian & Associates Reviews

Shegerian & Associates Reviews

Review of Shegerian & Associates by A Google User
3 16/11/2010 A Google User

Found their law firm to be very helpful in understanding California employment law issues and getting through it. So if you need help with wrongful termination, harassment, or discrimination claims don't forget to check them out. Thank you.??

Review of Shegerian & Associates by Dajuana Jones
5 Dajuana Jones

Shegerian & Associates are Awesome! They took my lost and turned it into a win! I am so grateful for this company!

Review of Shegerian & Associates by Sho Brown
1 Sho Brown

Be afraid of these people, stay away, and find an actual lawfirm. Not these system working scam artists.

Review of Shegerian & Associates by Carlos Warner
5 Carlos Warner

Cecilia Son is a pitbull in a designer suit. She will protect your rights as well as your piece of mind. Shegarin & Associates is the gold standard of law firms. Don't trust your case with any one else.

Review of Shegerian & Associates by Erik Freund
5 Erik Freund

I’ve read few of your recent articles on your business site. I’m quite pleased.

Review of Shegerian & Associates by Donnell Williams
5 Donnell Williams

"I was bless to have Cecilia by my side to coach and guide me through my settlement, very impress with her strong professionalism."

Review of Shegerian & Associates by Frank Cedillo
1 Frank Cedillo

do I start I'll will I'll probably never be back I found them at abliitys expo 2017 here in Los Angeles I liked​ the possibilitys when I was in person anyway I do security for living and have some mild disability's
Anyway I have no other source of income because SSI won't help so
I lost my mom my best friend a year ago December of 2015 I live in my step dad's house and rent is mandatory so anyway I've been in security for 6 years I work 2 jobs both in security my current more full time employer treats me like crap and thinks it's cute to put me in inappropriate situations
I'm offten left without access to facilities or with out proper resources and to "deal with it"
Some times Im not allowed to use the restroom
I'm sorry but being told to $h** your self is wrong so I called these guys
I got poor communication from the beginning
first the email I was supposed to receive didn't get it :( I had a hard time trying to get an answer to weather I was supposed to actually show up to speak with someone in office as they asked about when they called and said I'd get an email with details for my visit lucky I remembered everything dispite reaching out to there answering service several times so I traveled
2 hours from
San Dimas to Santa Monica CA on metro rail in what felt like a bad job interview they told me they'd call in a week that was June 5th /17 yesterday Friday they called and I was basically told to get fired otherwise they can't help I'm sorry I don't agree with that I have that in an email
it's ok there loss I will find an attorney willing to take it and it'll be there loss not mine but when that happens I hope the person who reviewed my case gets fired that's all I'm going to say I'm trying to stay somewhat classy about the issue there loss of a client not mine

Review of Shegerian & Associates by Amy Bleer
5 Amy Bleer

Hands down, the best lawfirm in So Cal. Kristina was a joy to work with. 🙂

Review of Shegerian & Associates by Jass Nikk
5 Jass Nikk

My attorney Cecilia, was with me every step of the way. She was always a phone call away and made me feel comfortable. I am eternally thankful to her. I do not know what would be of me if I did not have her support, representation, and guidance ���. Thank you Cecilia S.

Review of Shegerian & Associates by Tammy Carswell
5 Tammy Carswell

Cecilia S. Son knowledgeable, caring and tough. Stands by your side and helps you settle in a satisfactory way. Highly recommended when you least expect to be terminated for a disability she will fight for you.

Review of Shegerian & Associates by Sabrina Williams
5 Sabrina Williams

Shegerian &Associates. If you ever need a law firm that knows what their doing i recommend this law firm the staff two people in particular that im very pleased to have met is Mahun khan and. Kristiana Unanyan are beautiful caring woman that know their business. I highly highly recommend this law firm. This is a five star law firm in my personal opinion..

Review of Shegerian & Associates by Dajuana Jones
5 Dajuana Jones

I'm a so grateful to have the opportunity to work with shegerian & Associates. I found myself in a situation that I did not know how to handle on my own. But shegerian & Associates had my back from the very beginning and they fought for me and supported me and placed me in a winning position! For that I am forever grateful and would totally recommend this company to family friends and or Associates!

Review of Shegerian & Associates by Brooke Scot
5 Brooke Scot

Cecilia Son is incredibly smart and professional. She believed in my case and fought for me. I can’t say enough good things about her. I’m so grateful she was there to get me through this tough time in life. I feel compensated and able to move on with my life now.

Review of Shegerian & Associates by Thyais Lee
5 Thyais Lee

Shegerian & Associates are amazing. I have never been through a situation dealing with discrimination within a company before. Kristina Unanyan and Mahum Khan made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. They guided me through everything I needed to do. I wasn’t expecting anything out of this I just wanted this situation never to happen to anyone again. Well working with this strong effective duo we won the settlement. I was so emotional cause I couldn’t believe it. Shegerian & Associates are fantastic and I would refer them to anyone!!!

Shegerian & Associates

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Disability Discrimination

The Americans with Disabilities Act is federal law which prohibits discrimination on the job against workers with disabilities. This Act is an extremely important form of protection for disabled workers, who can often be the victims of exclusion and unfair employment decisions and practices simply because they are disabled. The ADA particularly prohibits discrimination in certain employment situations. For instance, it is illegal for an employer to discriminate in hiring and discharge decisions as well as in employment practices such as promotions, compensation and job training. Just about any discriminatory term, condition or privilege of employment can be held illegal in a court of law.

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