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Leadership and Executive and personal Coaching, specialising in cultural, behavioural and individual change.


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ShapeMyFuture Coaching - A personal or professional development approach that can support you to shape your future into the best it can be. Whether this is in support of your next organisational challenge, building your visions and goals or simply time to reflect on where your are and where you want to be, coaching supports you to unlock your total potential in any area.

Many people think of development in terms of training. The ShapeMyFuture approach to development is about supporting clients to create the sustained ability to think differently, to challenge themselves, and to be able to 'self coach' as the relationship progresses. This means that the coaching relationships can often be shorter than with some providers as clients will develop a self sufficiency.

Team Coaching and Facilitation - Sometimes effective leaders need to be in the thick of the discussions or team, not facilitating, mediating or chairing. Whether this is an important one off discussion, a piece of ongoing team development or defining strategy and goals, team facilitation or coaching can add great value by keeping discussions focussed, on track and achieving their goals, as well as adding insight and challenge to support the group to be the best they can be.

Understanding emotional capital is invaluable because it creates strong relationships that enable people to achieve effective collective outcomes. Leaders who create cultures of passionate people, maximize the productive potential of the human capital in their business. Trained by Dr Martyn Newman himself (author of Emotional Capitalist – The New Leaders) and an ECR 360 certified practitioner, this 360 degree feedback tool can be used to benchmark and develop the emotional and social competencies research has shown to make the most successful leaders.

Most often, the key to successful organisational change lies in changing the endemic culture and behaviours, as these can stifle or enable change to take hold. Shaping an organisation's future can be a one of the most challenging aspects of a leader's role. Support from a cultural and behavioural change specialist can tame the ride from a mountainous journey to a bumpy road, as well as providing valuable challenge and support to Senior leaders throughout the journey to ensure they are keeping on track to achieving the desired outcome

Achieving personal and professional goals; developing organisational or executive impact; career enhancement; self development; whatever the reason, Executive Coaching can support you to identify your focus and direction, help you shape your future, and support you getting there. Gain empowering clarity through exploration, insight and challenge, all delivered with a focus entirely personal to you.