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At S&R we pride ourselves to offer the best paralegal services and support to people in need, with competitive prices and competent professionals. We offer two types of services. We speak Portuguese, Spanish, English, and we can arrange translation of any documents required by you for any language.



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We at S&R belive that there is nothing more important than to help and assist those in need. May it be your immigration status, a simple queiry or any other service we are here to help and guide, that is what gives us the biggest satisfaction of all

To contribute to society and to out community, to give out just as much as we get.

We offer the best prices in the market, discrete and total anonymity through the process. You will be able to speak freely in complete and total anonymity and be assured that your issues will be solved.


We provide reliable services in employment law such as, but not limited to Assist you with employment law advise - The particulars of a Case - Representation in Disciplinary Procedures - Reccomendation of Unions - Advise on settlements - Advise on if a case is strong enough to take to tribunal

We offer Immigration Assistance - Analyse your current Immigration Situation and advise you on your options - Advise you on short-term resolutions to your immigration status to get you up and working in no time - How to sponsor a family member - How to apply for British Citizenship - How to apply for Sponsorship - How to apply for a BRP - What documents you need to apply to British Citizenship or European Citizenship