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You are unlikely to find better service elsewhere. We strive to give the best service for the lowest price. OPEN DAYTIME, EVENINGS, WEEKENDS!

We have over fourteen years of computer repair experience and our customers keep coming back. We understand that it's hard not knowing who to trust, and having services pushed on you, so you can rest easy with Senterprises; we're here to help.

Friendly, local service for users of any age or ability range!

WHERE? We will come to your house or you can meet us somewhere of your choosing. We will endeavour to fix the problem onsite.

HOW MUCH? We understand that many computer companies are not always honest, so we operate on a NO FIX NO FEE scheme. There is no call out charge and prices can be pre-agreed. Email us today and get a free quote!

We also design websites (ask for Trevor) and have a qualified computing, English and French teacher with over 8 years' experience (ask for Sally) available to tutor at all levels.

We also offer SEO for small to medium size companies. Search Engine Optimisation helps you appear at the top of Google results!

Senterprises Reviews

Senterprises Reviews

Review of Senterprises by Paul Wain
5 23/02/2018 Paul Wain

Awesome company. Highly recommend. Great communications too. Good to have someone local with a good knowledge of pcs also
Competitive and fair Prices.

Review of Senterprises by David O'Donnell
5 04/02/2018 David O'Donnell

My computer knowledge is basic to say the least. Sally has been very helpfull and saved me a fortune.
Sally is definitely my go to computer expert.

Review of Senterprises by Heather Court
5 03/11/2017 Heather Court

Don't be put off by Sally's brusqueness. She is excellent at what she does but sadly has to contend with IT nitwits such as myself, and works long hours - hence brusqueness. When Windows 10 knackered my computer earlier this year, and local computer so-called 'experts' charged me a lot of money to fix it before telling me me the software was so corrupted there was nothing they could do to retrieve my data, Sally saved the day. Because I live in North Norfolk and she is based in the south east, she worked remotely and not only retrieved the so-called irretrievable data, but set up my new computer and installed the latest anti-virus software. She did this at a very reasonable charge. I would recommend her to anyone who has a problem with their IT.

Review of Senterprises by Wendy Croxford
5 02/11/2017 Wendy Croxford

Thanks Sally, as usual a very helpful newsletter, will be ringing for a service very soon. Great to have someone like you to call on and know you will get good service at reasonable charges

Review of Senterprises by Teresa Sarling
5 02/11/2017 Teresa Sarling

Very helpful and customer service excellent. Would recommend and have already.

Review of Senterprises by Cleanhome Sittingbourne
5 20/07/2017 Cleanhome Sittingbourne

I needed to add some technical pieces onto my business website so I called Senterprises in Crawley and spoke to Sally. She listened to what I needed and was able to deliver a five star service. I now know to contact Senterprises Computer Repairs for my business requirements.

Review of Senterprises by Veronica Murray
5 17/06/2017 Veronica Murray

Without Sally I couldn't use the computer - it's as simple as that. Sally has been coming to help me for around 6 years. Her knowledge is phenomenal. She is friendly and doesn't treat me like an idiot because I don't know much about computers. I would willingly recommend Sally to anyone and everyone.

Review of Senterprises by clive currier
5 10/05/2017 clive currier

Sally is knowledgeable and helpful, providing the solutions you need rather than products you don't. Highly recommended :)

Review of Senterprises by Janet Clough
5 02/05/2017 Janet Clough

I have been learning from Sally for about 5 years now. She is absolutely brilliant and what she doesn't know about computers would be on the tip of my finger. If you have any concerns with your computer, please get in touch with Sally and she will sort you out quickly (and sometimes immediately).

Review of Senterprises by Peter Crosskey
5 27/04/2017 Peter Crosskey

If you read the manual and still can't work out how to curb your technology's wayward habits, call Sally. For a start, she understands real world needs and translates them into user-friendly solutions on your PC. So, if your PC is broken or messing you about, Sally can fix it and show you how to keep your IT productive. Which is what most of us bought it for in the first place, yes?

Review of Senterprises by Ralph goldney
5 27/04/2017 Ralph goldney

Sally has been helping me with my computes for 4 years now. She is always helpful and able to respiond quickly.

Review of Senterprises by roy luxford
5 27/04/2017 roy luxford

Used this service a number of times, always got a satisfactory result at a reasonable price. Recommend to anyone.

Review of Senterprises by Ray Goldring
5 20/02/2017 Ray Goldring

Sally has been helping me with my computer for over 5 years now. She's always friendly and helpful and I wouldn't choose anyone else to look at my computer.

Review of Senterprises by Elizabeth Bone
5 02/12/2016 Elizabeth Bone

Called Sally round twice, so far for complicated multi drive PC problems. Solved by Sally in her inimitable style. Can't wait to call her out again. Very good charges, excellent knowledge and no -one in my 61 years has ever called me a Rock Chick until Sally!

Review of Senterprises by Peter Carse
5 16/10/2016 Peter Carse can it be less than five big stars? Sally Edwards is indeed a wizard of computer technology...I was on the verge of taking a sledge-hammer to my laptop when I learned of the existence of said lady...with her expert tuition, I feel I am quickly becoming proficient on this machine; this week's lesson was extra enjoyable as I had the company of her boy William who took great delight in rolling in berry-pip laden fox droppings and needed hosing down...holding a dog with one hand, a hose with the other and still find a way of hoiking up your sagging track-suit bottom was a sight to I chuckled! Thoroughly Recommended!

Review of Senterprises by John roberts
5 22/07/2016 John roberts

I have used Sally's services on several occasion, on Windows 10 and it's predecessor, both for home visits and telephone calls. Her response has been prompt, professional and the charges very reasonable. In addition, on each occasion she has provided a useful contribution to my IT knowledge and practical experience. John(Tony)Roberts

Review of Senterprises by Ash Soni
5 17/07/2016 Ash Soni

Sally sold me a desk top one year ago. It was real bargain and has been a great buy. I took back to Sally as I has small issues with it. she sorted them out very quickly and provided excellent service with a big smile.

Review of Senterprises by Peter Wilkinson
5 03/06/2016 Peter Wilkinson

I,m a pensioner now in my late 60s. I took my almost dead 3+ year old Samsung laptop PC to Sally at Senterprises a few months ago. Clearly the laptop was receiving power but there was no boot activity. Sally spent some condiderable time trying to identify where and what the fault might be. She also spoke to one of her contacts for a second opinion and we jointly concluded that it was most probably a component failure on the motherboard. At that point I decided that it was not a financially viable proposition to send the laptop to Samsung for repair. Sally suggested that as a last resort I could sell it on ebay or elsewhere since there were parts that could be salvaged.
Having returned home and thinking about what to do and having "messed around" with computers and bits of electronics for a good number of years, thought that as a last resort I would take the computer apart, which is not a job for the faint hearted but on the basis that I couldn't make things worse and I do enjoy a challenge, I stripped the computer completely removing all the ribbon connectors, circuit boards, heat sink and processor. I then carefully reassembled it making sure that the processor was seated in its socket and that the ribbon cable contacts were clean and properly seated into their respective sockets and fitted everything back into the case. With little expectation, I powered up the computer and to my astonishment it booted up into Windows 10 and has continued to work since.
Sally didn't charge me for the time she put in but I have to say that I was most grateful for her friendly service and advice. Two very positive things came from that visit to Senterprises. Firstly, it gave me the confidence to have a go and delve further into the depths of my laptop than I would normally have done and, secondly, I have now found a local company that I can trust with any future problems with my computer(s) that I don't feel that I can resolve myself.

Review of Senterprises by Alan Barclay
5 13/05/2016 Alan Barclay

I found Senterprises through contact with Sally via another unrelated local website. The coincidental thing was that I wanted extra RAM and couldn't have been better timed. Sally is very knowledgable, helpful and friendly and upgraded my iMAC effortlessly and quickly. Thanks Sally.

Review of Senterprises by kate richardson
5 13/05/2016 kate richardson

A genuine lovely young woman who really knows about computers, Sally is so helpful when I have phoned and said help, she has come to our home and sorted out the problem, sometimes she has bought her wonderful chocolate labradorite who is called William.would highly recommend Senterprises

Review of Senterprises by Tim Allpress
5 05/04/2016 Tim Allpress

Excellent service. Very knowledgeable. Very reasonable fees.
Sally tutored my son for GCE AS Level in Computing which was of great benefit to him and he achieved a good grade.
Also Sally has cleaned up both our desktop and laptop computers very professionally and the performance of both machines is excellent.

Highly recommended.
Tim Allpress (Storrington, West Sussex).

Review of Senterprises by Sandra Collins
5 28/03/2016 Sandra Collins

Sally has helped us out a few times with support for the non technically minded computer user. She usually knows the answer straightaway as to why something isn't working and has been able to retrieve data we thought was lost on a couple of occasions. Sally is our first port of call for all things computer related, is able to explain things in simple terms and make recommendations for new hardware and software as we upgrade or expand our equipment.

Review of Senterprises by ron pole
5 25/03/2016 ron pole

I found Ms Edwards to be very professional in dealing with my computing issues. She has helped me to understand everything in simple layman terms! Very reasonable fee! Would recommend her services!

Review of Senterprises by Andrew Edwards
5 25/03/2016 Andrew Edwards

Sally really does go that extra mile to help her customers, me included. As her Dad, my opinion is not impartial, but I have been more than impressed, as a bystander, on many occasions, listening to how Sally treats and helps her customers, the respect and affection, even when the technicalities whizz over their head; at that point, she has an infinite ability to explain the technicalities in an understandable way to the un-technical. (that's me, by the way). In addition to her many delighted customers, she is my number 1 choice.


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We design website for a very good price.

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