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Edinburgh, Midlothian

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Edinburgh, Midlothian



Who are we?

We are Management Consultants based in Edinburgh. We have a team of vastly experienced and diverse individuals, who provide expertise across a range of activities and sectors.

​What do we do?

We help you solve your problems.


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maura Cairns

31 August 2019

I just attended a FAA Level 3 Award in Supervising First Aid for Mental Health course in Glasgow ran by Scott Newby...It was absolutely fantastic! You can totally tell that Scott is passionate about his company and Mental Health as a whole; it makes it much more easier to learn if the person who is teaching is enthusiastic, it definitely makes you enthusiastic also!Scott is inspirational in what he has done with his life and for the positive message he is trying to get out there I.e. look after your own mental health as well as those around you!I would definitely recommend this course to anyone! It was honestly a brilliant experience! It is definitely applicable to all workforces and charity organisations! More...


I have always been a very people focused manager throughout my career. As a passionate leader as well as a natural decision maker, I am able to create a clear vision which inspires others to want to be part of something. I love working with people and companies, and using our expertise to make a genuine difference.

A desire to make a difference, and work with multiple great companies.

Our people and our drive.

Within three months of going live, we have developed many relationships with new contacts, created an exceptional and diverse team of twelve colleagues and have developed some strong partnerships with other companies.

As the leader of NewbyCore, I build relationships with ease as a result of my genuine, honest and trustworthy personality, both in business and in life. I set myself very high standards and am highly driven to succeed. When we work with a client, we work with the same passion and desire to succeed as we do when working on our own company.



We offer bespoke consultancy centred around our own unique model (NCORE), providing expertise in leadership, performance and cultural change. https://www.newbycore.co.uk/management-consulting

Interactive courses and workshops tailored to your requirements. Delivered with passion, substance and authenticity. https://www.newbycore.co.uk/training-workshops