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We offer hall hire for parties and special events as well as groups and activities such as sports and social clubs. We are available to hire weekday evenings from 6pm and all day at weekends. We are sorry but we are not allowed to take bookings which require alcohol on site.

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Craig Bradshaw

31 December 2017

Great school, great staff and on the whole good kids. You'll always get troubled kids at any school it's how they are "dealt" with, not marginalised, that matters.


poo moo

20 October 2017

Mr povey seems lit n all the other teachers seem really nice and ARE NOT BEING PE DOMINATED LIKE SOME OTHER STUPID (ECS) SCHOOLS :))


Chrisyandchris Moran

10 December 2016

Loved the place shame it's knocked down now! Good times here !


Ian Beswick

8 November 2016

If you're looking for a high-school to send your children to, do them a favour and check out Harrop Fold. The team values start with the senior leadership team and flow through to the rest of the staff... and so on to the children. I've had the pleasure of visiting the school several times during the school day, and witnessed what seemed to be a mutual respect between staff and students. The building is modern, clean, and well-equipped. Can't give any higher praise than to say that I chose to send my eldest here... and will not hesitate to send my youngest when the time comes. More...



16 July 2016

my friend josh goes there and he is really really nice.



dangergirl 35

3 July 2016

I love going to harrop fold and seeing all my friends

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We offer excellent customer service, easy bookings process and simple payment options. Our site team is friendly and reliable and happy to try to accommodate any special requests to help your activity or group run smoothly. We offer competitive hire rates.