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PUDSEY, west yorkshire

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PUDSEY, west yorkshire



My story is pretty cliche and you’ve probably heard it a millions times!

I used to work for big marketing agencies, doing mind numbing work, handling huge budgets and suffering through endless useless meetings with shouty clients. I was getting nowhere I wanted to and it didn’t do my brain and health any good.


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Beckie Calvert

6 August 2018

Just picked up my first order and I love it! The service was quick and easy and everyone was so friendly. The food is good value and I feel good knowing everything is locally sourced.

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Being French, most of my signature dishes are French but I do pretty well with Thai, Vietnamese and Portuguese food! ;)

We have a chat, discuss what you and your guests might like, allergies, skills and available utensils at home if we're doing a cooking lesson... The aim is to make sure that you can re-do everything we'll have cover on your own. Or if we're simply doing catering, that you enjoy the same service and quality you would in a top restaurant.

Not being in an office all day sitting down in front of a laptop, meeting new people, getting people excited and obviously having my passion and hobby as a job! Obviously!

I was a normal 9-5 employee for many years and always had it in the back of my head that I would start a business one day. It only happened sooner than I expected but you won't hear me complain, best thing I've done in years!