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We offer reality based training in Martial Arts / self defense. We offer classes for men and women along with women only classes. We also offer personal training in our facility.

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Kevin Poss

2 September 2018

Anthony has over 30 years of experience in martial arts and self defense. He is very qualified and a very good motivator and trainer.


Frank Castle

2 September 2018

Great instructors. Excellent Marital Art and discipline training. On top of that these instructors provide you the knowledge and skills for reality encounters out side the dojo. I highly recommend Saifa.


Linda Koster Durso

2 September 2018

Anthony is a great instructor. He takes his time with his pupils, no matter what their level. If you a serious student, this is where you want to be. �


Jesabel Cruz Yilmaz

2 September 2018

Denise was awesome! My daughter ands I attended one of the mother&daughter sessions and now looking forward to returning.


JJ Carolan

2 September 2018

I came to Saifa after a situation in which I needed to learn to keep myself and my family safe. In Denise + Anthony, I found teachers who are beyond devoted to the well-being of each and every student. In only a few months, I developed confidence in my ability to defend myself, became part of an awesome community of men + women, and bonus - lost 15 pounds. Saifa is my home away from home, and a dojo unlike any other. Denise + Anthony work to make sure everyone is able to defend themselves no matter what. More...


Keith Rep

2 September 2018

Anthony & Denise are awesome! Great class every time I go. Great group of people and instructors. They are very patient with me and instruct very well., Good workout too!. I learn something every time I attend class. You might be sore the next day, but definitely worth the pain. If anyone is looking to do any type of mixed martial arts, reality self defense, learn to strike, grappling, etc ... and be around a great group of ppl and instructors , this is the place to be. Thanks guys! More...


Joseph Cammarata

2 September 2018

This place is the real deal when I comes to realistic self defense training. I have rigorously trained martial arts for over twenty years and hold a 4th Degree Black Belt in American Vadha Kempo and can report with confidence that Saifa Self Defense and martial arts is doing it right. One of the head instructors, Anthony holds multiple black belts including American Vadha Kempo; he utilizes the most effective techniques he has learned over the years to put forth a training regimen that will prepare students to deal with any situation on the street. Denise has tremendous knowledge from her past training and skill set she developed as a Black Belt and head instructor at Saifa. She is also certified in F.A.S.T, which is critical and necessary training to channel adrenaline in high stress situations when danger presents itself. I trained there tonight and will be returning to see more of what this dojo and art have to offer. I highly recommend whether a beginner or an advanced martial artist; Anthony and Denise structure the training to fit the ability level of all students and make everyone feel like family. More...


Joni Perceny

2 September 2018

This training is exceptional! Anthony & Denise are truly the most inspiring & motivating trainers / mentors........I have ever come across! They are overwhelming devoted to everyone they cross paths with. Their hands on, caring, strong, disciplined & determined approach is something you don't experience very often, especially in the traditional or specialized fitness arenas! I am at the very beginner of beginners �! I am adjusting to a very serious physical illness that I knew would change my life in so many ways, none of them being good. Had I not stumbled across the Saifi Training Studio I would never in a million years thought Martial Arts & Warrior Training was even a possibility. In truth I had succumbed to the "reality" of the certain destruction of my physical strength & abilities. It was not a curable disease but there was no "getting better or stronger"....... Live with it. Then I crossed paths with Anthony in a completely different walk of life..... He was a hand or "stepping stone" in being what I thought was another helpful tool to my adjustment on "living with" my abilities. That wasn't the case, in anyway with Anthony. Of course he had the "over & beyond approach" to doing just that.....helping me to grasp what had blindsided me in so many ways. My life had changed ( for the worse) and that was that.... Live with it. That's not in Anthony's DNA!! He had that something special.... caring, easy going "everything is going to be ok" approach that he had to with me, as part of the adaption process with this disease. That is not who Anthony is. Somehow, he has a remarkable
ability to see.... Really SEE ..... What's going on in people...... Because he looks. Not everyone has that talent..... In fact MOST don't. With Anthony It's a part of who he is & what he is. Knowing that, when I learned that he actually had opened a facility like Saifi, I was "silently" interested..... "Could I ever be a part of the Saifi family?" ......the adventure began.... Anthony took the time to reach out to me with the education & devotion HE had. Achieving my goals was a very real possibility. The Saifi Team could help someone like me.... Broken ( or so I thought!)....... to approach, attack & destruct what I thought was the new way my body, mind & world would be. Anthony brought Denise into my training & we just "clicked" .... She had all the same qualities as Anthony. I began with the " Warrior Training Class & have realized that the martial arts is actually mixed in, so as I progress I am actually ahead of the game because Denise structured my training that way! Awesome! I have trained with every level of " fitness expert " there is in the fitness world, Traditional & specialty. The very simple way of recognizing what the Saifi team brings to every individual that walks through their door is..... They care. They want to see you achieve all your goals. Attack all your fears and be the best YOU possible. For those that are visual learners, such as my self, Anthony & Denise are the hand that reaches down to you when you are walking on stepping stones through water..,... And you slip & are sure you will never get up..... Never be strong enough ..... Never be everything you know you can......they reach you & take your hand to help you stand up and keep going! In actuality they are that fork in the road..... that will possibly change the overall path your on. This is just my story, but if they can help someone like me...... They can help any and all walks of life. They were my "stepping stone". They can be everyone's. Your not a number.... Your a part of who they are and all they can teach you to be. Your part of the Saifi Family...... you are from day 1 with them & it never changes. They have the most amazing strategy to reach the goals I have put in place. Your an individual as well as part of a team. Anthony & Denise are remarkable, educated & dedicated to what they do & who they are. Join the Saifi Family, it is so worth it and your worth it.

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We structure the classes geared towards each individual. Everyone has different levels of fitness and we make sure to push everyone at a safe level so that they can train and progress without injury.

I think living a healthy lifestyle gives the most benefit. Having a well balanced diet along with consistent workouts makes the biggest difference.

Helping people grow and progress both physically and mentally. Seeing someone do what they once thought they couldn’t.

My passion for reality self defense and the belief that people should not need to earn a black belt to be able to defend themselves or their family.
I also am very passionate about getting people fit and making them feel good about themselves as they get stronger.

I really dedicate myself to making sure people reach their goals. My success is their success. This isn’t a job for me because I love what I do.