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Sheffield, Sheffield

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Sheffield, Sheffield



S3e Ltd are a not for profit social enterprise cleaning and facility services company with an impeccable track record, robust procedures and methods and over 8 years of experience.

We provide cleaning services to a large portfolio of domestic clients, lettings agents and commercial properties.


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Peter Wright

23 July 2018

We have used S3e's cleaning services and were seriously impressed by how much the staff achieved in just 2 hours leaving our property absolutely gleaming. Mary and Christian were very professional and diligent and left the property looking like new. We would highly recommend S3e to anyone looking for an efficient and invaluable service. More...


David Booth

23 July 2018

At Nugent Sante, we are a small business that prides ourselves on fantastic customer service and an employee base that is hard working and happy. Jeff's vision for S3E Ltd is very similar to that of our company. He is a fantastic business owner with a great ambition to give opportunities to employees and potential employees. These people may not have been given these opportunities previously and Jeff's passion is obviously to do all he can to build a company to help his staff build a succesful career. The services of S3E are exceptional, I have given Jeff a number of referrals who have given fantastic feedback for the overall experience they had with his company. More...

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We have been trading since 2008 but were incorporated in 2011.

We can bring our own equipment and supplies; it depends on the job at hand. Some of the work we carry out means we have to bring our own stuff. However some of our "Gleam Team" (our excellent cleaners) use public transport so it's beneficial for us to be able to store some equipment and supplies on site or for the customer to provide it and we offset this with a reduction in our price.

We are people focused, our company is a close knit group of people working towards a common goal, which is to make a living and pay the bills. We'd be nothing without people and we'd be nothing without one another.

My first business was when I was 11 years old.

I went to a cash and carry with a friend, John, and his uncle who owned a small corner shop. At the time John and I were crazy into ZX Spectrum games (yes that long ago!) and we wanted a new piece of hardware out at the time called the ZX interface 1 and Microdrive, but we couldn't afford it at it's combined price of just under 100 quid.

But then Johns uncle gave us an option. He said he'd buy us a box of special winter gloves made from a new fabric called "Thinsulate" for us to sell to make the money but... there's always a but... we had to give him all of our money (about £20 between us) and the difference in 1 month. If we didn't sell the gloves in 1 month or enough to cover the difference he would take what money we had and the left over gloves from us. We agreed and haded over ALL OF OUR MONEY.

This box had 30 pairs of gloves in it - different sizes. In about 2 weeks we had sold every single pair of them to our family, friends, people in the street and even the local shop keepers and paper boys! We sold them for five quid each, the only 2 we didn't get money for were the two pairs we kept for ourselves. Johns uncle wanted 40 pounds from us, we gladly gave it to him and when we counted our cash we discovered we had *just* enough money to buy the ZX interface 1 and a Microdrive.

From that point on I realised I wanted to be in business, but it wasn't until another 16 years before I started again.

Now, I've worked and been in business but S3e Ltd is different, its a social enterprise with a strong ethical core founded to help people, to put back into communities and we also support charity.

We are a professional, legitimate organisation with very strong founding principles. Our mission statement is not woolly marketing spin designed to distract our customers from the true purpose of profit. When we say we're purpose driven not profit motivated we mean it.

That doesn't mean we disrespect profit motivated organisations, we do; everyone deserves to make a living. It just means we've decided on a different business model, one that we feel is best suited to the important things in our business: people.

So why should you choose us? Because people are our business, we want to be able to do more good things for people and we cant do that without customers.

For instance, our core team has been working with us from the outset, we have very little attrition of our employees, some which is a little bit unusual for our industry sector. We like to think this is because of our strong ethical principles, because of how we treat the people we come into contact with; be they customers, suppliers, employees or just someone in the street. Every single person deserves respect

S3e Ltd was founded as a support for people who were having difficulty finding employment; be that through language barriers, returning to work after illness or that especially admirable and hard job of raising a family - we are there to get people back on the ladder when they feel it's perhaps too slippery or they're fit for nothing.

We also support a charity working with adults who have learning and other disabilities.