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I offer the normal service but give the option of recieving a better finish with a longer life. I use chemicals specially designed to undertake each task. The finish you will recieve is of a higher standard than washing alone.

Pressure washing, brick cleaning, stone restoration, paint removal, sand blasting, roof cleaning, pvc cleaning, grave stone restoration and monument restoration.

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16 August 2019

My shed which was recently built by these clowns, has started falling apart....... I am not happy.



31 July 2019

They were extremely good and cleaned my drive and patio to a standard that I had never previously experienced. Polite and helpful and highly recommended.



12 July 2019

The guys built an aviary & 2 small animal shelters. Also replaced a fence & door! I’m very happy with their work & they are now replacing some guttering


Mike Rogan

12 July 2019

Very clean and tidy workers restored patio back to looking brand new


Seeing a job transform from its aged worn look to a fresh clean look.

I can offer a high standard of finish using the chemicals I have access to to ensure the best quality.