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Rugby Hypnotherapy, serving Rugby since 2003. Confidential, Professional service for those wishing to make a change in their lives.
Both Psychology and Hypnotherapy (occasionally) are used to provide a brief therapy for clients experiencing problems in their lives to give confidence for Change.


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Paula Walker

Chris is friendly and professional, he immediately understood my issues and gave me all the time I needed to talk. He took the time to teach me the skills I need to help myself. Brilliant! Thank you

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Hi, my name is Chris Bell and I've been practicing Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy since 2003 in Rugby.
My background is as an engineer from a manufacturing speciality, but then requalified as a Computer Aided Design engineer. This lead on to working for companies such as Dunlop (Eldec) in Coventry as their PC System manager.

Moving on from there saw me setup and run my own successful PC/IT company in 1992 for the next 11 years. Following a change in circumstances I found myself able to change careers to something I'd always wanted to do, Hypnotherapy.

The Psychotherapy service was added as a powerful alternative and is very effective.

Following a change in circumstances, I found myself able to change careers to something I'd always wanted to do, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy

I am a very good listener as you'd expect, but also empathetic to your issue, honest, motivational and very laid back. Confidentiality and Privacy are paramount. I do expect clients to be prepared for change, if you're not, then I won't take you on. It has to come from you, you're need to improve or change. Being sent by a partner isn't going to work unless you want it to. I will support and help all the way through, but I'm looking for noticeable change as we progress, if you don't see it, you're not working hard enough. Sorry to be blunt, but there's no point thinking this is about me doing it for you. It's about you changing your mind and working towards what you want. Simply put, the bigger the goal, the easier it is. Anyway, I'll explain all of that at the initial consultation if we get in contact. Please only choose me if you really want to work at it. Take Care - Chris x