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Diana Yoder

22 August 2019

My boys love to go and an added benefit is they are so tired they sleep through the night which is AWESOME for me. Harrison likes to rearrange the family room while we sleep but when he goes to doggie day care he sleeps through the night and I don’t have to clean up his mess! The staff is wonderful and they seem to love what they are doing which is important to me. Doggie Day Care at Remington Pet Ranch is a win in my book! More...


Mia D.

20 August 2019

This place is wonderful. Meg saved us and squeezed our pup, NALA, in last minute for a board & train while we were out of town. Training a 7mo old pup is HARD and we needed a professional touch to reign our girl in. Judy(trainer) did a great job. She un-did some bad habits I'd taught NALA and gave her a great foundation for us to continue to build on. We got emailed updates with pictures every evening from RPR and they are very timely responding by phone/email. We will definitely be using them for any future needs. More...


Sherri P.

2 August 2019

Best place ever!!  I drive both of my dogs from Austin to stay here whenever we travel. They LOVE being there!  Instagram posts and daily emailed report cards are a wonderful touch!  Can't say enough great things about Remington Prt Ranch. More...


Joey R.

17 July 2019

I love bringing Brutus here! He gets to socialize while I'm out of town and the staff always acknowledges him when we drop him off. They will send photos and I follow in social media and get to see him play. The place is very clean and is run by a veterinarian in case of an emergency. he gets playtime outside and sometimes inside of it is too hot or raining. You can request to have him go on a hike. I truly love this place and I know in my heart Brutus does too. He also sleeps all night after I pick him up lol More...


Cassie F.

15 July 2019

Best place ever! We booked it last min for our trip to New York. The rooms for your dogs are spacious which I was happy about. They have a Instagram were they post daily in their story so you will see your pet on there. They also email you a daily dog report with pictures! We just picked up our dog Suge and she is tired but in a good way, they kept her active. They have a fresh pond the dogs can go to or they take them on hikes! The staff was really friendly and the place is super clean. It's not expensive at all and they treat your pet like it's their own. We are deff coming back!! More...


Reagan Hackett

27 June 2019

Woof woof woof...urrr woof..squirrel ......


Taylor H.

20 June 2019

My boyfriend and I just got a puppy and we were going out of town, so we found Remington Ranch online. As nervous new parents we were scared to let him go. But everything about this place turned out to be AWESOME. It is super clean inside, the employees were all super nice and experienced, and we got report cards every night with pics (it was so nice to get an updated pic of him every day, he looked so happy!!). They took him out on hikes and swims, so great to have these options for him! We will definitely be back the next time we travel! Thank you Remington!! More...


Stephanie M.

12 June 2019

This place is nicer than many hotels I have stayed at. My dogs are spoiled little rescues who deserve their days of playing and pampering. My one very lazy pup always comes back very energized. More...


Juliana F.

12 June 2019

I had a positive experience boarding my two cats here. The check in was easy and everyone I talked to on the phone was very nice. When I emailed to check in on my kitties I received a response with some pictures! I have to give a big shoutout to the staff for all being really helpful. Boarding them for 8 nights took a big chunk out of my wallet, but if you need a place to board your cats I would recommend them. Belle & Loki say thanks More...


Eva Gordon Stinson

2 June 2019

Beautiful setting and great staff.


Sherry Machalek Thompson

1 June 2019

Remington Pet Ranch exceeded our expectations. We have only boarded our pets once before & it was not a positive experience. My parents usually pet sit, but it was not an option this time for our 9 month old French Brittany, Theia. The facilities are exceptionally clean, large rooms & bedding for each pet, hikes, swimming, & multiple long play periods for the pets. They pair the pets with similar personalities, & there is always supervisor. The pets are evaluated daily by a vet to make sure there are no issues & they provide daily updates with photos. Theia was having fun playing when we arrived to pick her up on Sunday morning. I cannot say enough about our first experience. Thank you so much Remington Pet Ranch for taking such good care of Theia! More...


Jessica Garcia

7 May 2019

Remington is our pups favorite place! They can’t jump out of the truck fast enough when we arrive! They take such good care of our babies and even post/send pictures of them each day so we know they’re in good hands and also having a blast while we’re away! It’s like they are also on vacation! I definitely recommend Remington to everyone! More...


Jenna H.

1 May 2019

I was nervous about boarding my dog for the first time ever.   As soon as I pulled up to Remington Pet Ranch I had a peace about leaving him there.  The location is beautiful and as soon as you walk in it is clean and calm, I had no worries about leaving my baby there.   I was also a little worried because my dog is so small,  I wondered how that would go.  They have separate areas for small and large dogs.  Brutus had the best time, he was defiantly sad to leave and I could tell he missed all his new friends.  You get daily report cards emailed to you, the cutest thing ever and lets you know that your furry BFF is doing great.   I also stalked their instagram and was able to see him playing with all his friends.  When I picked him up they gave me the cutest magnet of him.   I will defiantly will be back and might even take mire trips now knowing I have such a great place I can leave him!  I keep telling everyone I know about how amazing you were! More...


Clarissa C.

26 April 2019

Hello! Wanted to give this place 5 stars and such a great find for my pup, Leon! He rides the bus on Wednesday's and has the same "crew" that he rides with and plays with every week! He comes home and can't even open his eyes, he's so tired from playing! I've also boarded him there and he begins to whimper in the car to get out and runs inside of there! The staff all know him by name and he gets so excited to see them! Love knowing that Leon is in good hands during daycare and boarding and that he'll be taken care of! More...


Lisa Pelosi Butterfield

19 April 2019

Lexi LOVES Remington Pet Ranch! As soon as I drive up and let her out of the car she runs to the front door. She has so much fun playing with all her four-legged friends. The staff are all wonderful and caring and I couldn’t recommend a better daycare and boarding! More...


Michele Dickson

4 April 2019

Best place ever! Gracie just about pulls my arm out of socket to get to the entrance every morning. Staff is also amazing.


Cynthia Erica Leija-Castellanos

2 April 2019

This place is amazing. My boy peter loves this place and now we are slowly introducing our puppy to this area. Great staff, verify friendly. They genuinely love these animals. I am glad I made the decision to move from a different doggy day care establishment to this one! You won’t regret it! More...


Leigh A.

20 March 2019

One of the best decisions I have ever made was to send my puppy to Remington Pet Ranch. From the initial consult where they gauged Nanook's play style (he is a huge puppy) to the great service everyday, I am so happy I chose this doggy day care. The staff is wonderful-- they post videos all day so I can check out how happy he is on IG --Nanook has made so many friend and cries when he can't go. I love the fact the Ranch is owned and operated by a Veterinarian, they feed him (I can bring his food if I want), they are always in a good mood and the staff to puppy ratio is great. Also the client portal makes booking very easy and they have the best hours. Great prices and excellent care for all fur babies!!! I would give 10 stars if I could! More...


Casey M.

2 February 2019

5 stars ALL AROUND! I am so thankful that I came across Remington Pet Ranch before our trip to board our dog and cat. It's such a clean, spacious, and quiet area! That is definitely something you don't get often when finding a boarding place. They not only do boarding, but daycare also. All of the cats get a nice big window and spacious lodging. They get tucked in at night too which is super precious. The dogs get nice lodging as well with play times and potty breaks of course! The staff are really nice and reach out to you for anything. We're so happy we have found such a great place, closer to us for our fur babies! If you're having any hesitation...DON'T! They're awesome! Just go and see for yourself!P.S. They even gave us cute magnets of our babies! More...


Donna Hobbs Cox

31 December 2018

***** Remington Pet Ranch staff and owner are amazing. They are so caring and playful. My puppy LOVES them. It makes me feel good to know that when he isn’t with me, he is still being loved and cared for. Thank you RPR!


Cassidy H.

28 December 2018

Loved Remington Pet Ranch! We boarded our dog for 10 days while we went on Christmas vacation, and this was definitely the right choice. We recently adopted our pup from the shelter 2 months ago, and I wanted to make sure we found a safe and comfortable space so our dog didn't think he was being abandoned again. It made me feel assured and less anxious seeing him playing with other pups every day on their Insta stories. The owner even emailed us one day when she noticed he had a slight limp. Very nice and professional staff and will definitely board here again! More...


Marvin Wright

12 December 2018

I love that my pet Paxton just loves going to daycare so much he doesn’t want to leave and come home.


Alison Bosch

22 November 2018

So far pretty much everything! And I've got a challenging kid.


Lisa Lerma

12 November 2018

Wonderful experiences with staff My baby boy Stevie goes twice a week & makes new friends.


Frankly T.

4 November 2018

The care, cleanliness, and professionalism of Remington puts them in a different class from other places we have used. They have a certified Veternarian on site at least part of the time, and our pets come back looking, and apparently feeling, so much better than when we used other providers. Remington is new, so as patrons, we will need to make sure that they keep their game up over the years. For now, 5 stars. More...


Alex Hutchisson

30 October 2018

Remington is absolutely wonderful! Our mini schnauzer Stella goes twice a week and has so much fun! The staff are great and are always posting pictures of what Stella did that day. I’d recommend Remington to anyone! More...


Dena Ruiz

30 October 2018

Great experience taking my 3 dogs. We’ve taken them twice since there initial stay. I would not take my dogs any where else. Great staff that genuinely love animals. More...


JoAnn Elmore

27 October 2018

First overnight stay for 2 of my Jack-Rusells. They worked on being Friends to my Male JR who does not trust anyone who puts him in a kennel. They took much time and care to win over my Male JR so that he would be able to stay other sleep overs. Thank you Remington Pet Ranch for having Loving and Caring Employees. More...


Bryce C.

25 October 2018

Remington pet ranch is the best! Our two schnauzers had a great 6 night stay and we loved being able to see their daily activities through the pet ranch's Instagram stories. Our boys will definitely be going back to the ranch durning our next extended trip. Can't say enough good things about the staff, facilities, and quality of care that was provided from the minute we walked in for drop off to the minute we left with two tuckered our schnauzers More...


Brittany Mae Graham

24 October 2018

Remington Pet Ranch is the absolute best! My Blue Heeler/Aussie (Nash) is THRILLED when we pull up to the facility. He knows he will get to play with all his big friends. My Papillon/Cavalier King Charles (Ruby) is a timid thing and had never been boarded before. I know that the staff took amazing care of her because she was excited the second time we brought them back! They let my babies stay together, they have customized active time (including cuddle time for Ruby), and the owner is a veterinarian! I feel completely at ease leaving my fur children with the staff at Remington. Also, I love checking out the FB and Instagram pages to see if my pups made any pictures or videos over the weekend. The facility is beautiful with plenty of room to run around. The pet report cards are adorable as well. I won't take Ruby and Nash anywhere else! More...


Katie Kovach-Galton

19 October 2018

My pup loves going to day care and cries when we leave! The staff is absolutely lovely and it doesn’t hurt that I get to see pictures and videos of my pup playing every day! 100% recommend!


Kaci S.

20 September 2018

We absolutely love this place. I was hesitant at first because of the distance from town but I could not be more happy for them! They treat my special needs pet with gentle love and care! He really seems to be relaxed and enjoy his time there. He loves the staff! Everyone is so sweet and caring. Great group of folks! The dogs have comfortable bedding, supervised turn out on grass, and an overall safe environment. I trust everyone there. They are always honest and on top of everything. They even remember my pet from his last visit several months ago! I never worry about him there while I am out of town but I know for a fact that if I called to check on him they wouldn't confuse my pup with another and they would give honest feedback on his behavior and comfort. Love, love, love this facility. I won't take my baby anywhere else! More...


Richard H.

20 September 2018

Wonderful experience. Super loving staff. We were able to do our lake getaway in complete confidence and relax completely knowing our dog Reagan was being cared for by these amazing people. We highly recommended this facility and their staff.  This was our first visit but I know we will use them often in the future. More...


Margaret A Marin

18 September 2018

Awesome place nice people


Phillip Barnhart

24 August 2018

Friendly, professional staff that REALLY love your dogs as much as you do.


Pam Hays Schramm

23 August 2018

I was so impressed with the staff and our puppy had such a good time over a long weekend stay that he will be back soon for doggy daycare!!


Sean H.

21 August 2018

So happy that we found this place a few months back! Our Mini Schnauzer puppy loves her time spent here. She gets to go and make friends while we're at work and we get a tired, happy puppy at the end of the day. We do daycare twice a week and recently had her stay overnight while we went out of town for the weekend. She enjoys every visit! More...


Joan Goodwin

17 August 2018

Highly recommend this Ranch. They do a fantastic job making you feel good about leaving your pet there. So far we have only done the play dates but our little Rascal LOVES it!


Miranda Smith Hunt

6 August 2018

They are stellar and they always go above and beyond for our LunaB.


Savannah Maxwell-Wenzel

17 June 2018

Our English Bulldog, Tank, has the absolute best time at Remington. Highly recommend them!


Rebecca Martin

5 June 2018

I brought my kitty Henry here for a medical stay over Memorial Day Weekend. They were able to give Henry the medical care and fluids he needs to manage his chronic kidney disease. They were even able to get Henry to eat hard treats which he hasn’t been able to do for awhile now. They shared a cute video where Henry was eating and getting snuggles. He loved having a window where he could bask in the sun all day and look out at the rest of the ranch. I highly recommend taking your pet here especially if they are a special needs kitty or dog. They have fantastic staff who are qualified to deal with medical conditions and a roomy place for pets to feel welcome. More...


Loren Torres

17 May 2018

My dog has been to Remington Pet Ranch for daycare a few times now and even got to ride on the bus yesterday! I have worked at boarding facilities most of my life, and this is one of the nicest places I’ve seen- the plot of land is absolutely beautiful and the facility itself is so clean and accommodating, as well as perfectly suited for dogs. Having a ranch where dogs can play outside like country dogs all day, while being just outside the city, is such a wonderful experience for my little wild child. I can say he is still tired even the next day after daycare! Thank you to the wonderful staff who are always so friendly and Linzi for creating such a wonderful environment! More...


Desiree Saenz

12 May 2018

Jae went to her first day of play last week and she just looked so happy when I picked her up!♥️ Remington Pet Ranch happily updated me on how she was liking it which is always a great thing! Jae loves being outdoors and I know this will be her new place to go! More...

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