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We are a local recommended roofing company that has been running 8 years. All trades men are fully qualified.

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Michael Reid

Fantastic new roof from start to finish


Scott Anderson

Currently messing my uncle about after doing a poor finishing job of the roof at his house. 'Will be there first thing' was claimed today. Still nothing!



Pat Annand

Fascias replaced by this joker six months ago. Within weeks bits had fallen off. Still waiting for them to be fixed despite loads of phone calls and texts. Michael promises to turn up but never shows. Have given up now but my advice is avoid! Also still waiting for my receipt and guarantee, little chance of ever seeing them! More...


Eddie Stewart

Promises the world then sends a couple of hammer jockeys round to destroy your roof, tradesmen never seen a tradesman, just turn up out the blue smash all your slates, then ignore your requests to come back and tidy up the mess, wouldn't have them to clean the gutters.


George Shawndy Shand

Still waiting on my slates that are rattling in the wind being repaired,have also got broken roof tiles Michael has let me down time and time again,had a leak which he said that he would pay for any damage caused still waiting broken light said he would pay for still waiting, invoice /guarantee, still waiting.The job took two weeks longer than expected,didn't turn up when they were supposed to rubbish left on the flat roof after they said it was all finished and tidied up,so now I'm going to have to get someone to repair the roof and get a solicitor to recover the cost for all of the above,absolutely raging with this company especially Michael Reid, promises a lot, load of lies and excuses is all I've had from him, feel like knocking on his door but that will just get me in trouble, hate people ripping of normal hardworking people like myself More...

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