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Regentia Lifestyle Planning Limited

Sheffield / Derbyshire / Manchester, Derbyshire

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Regentia Lifestyle Planning Limited

Sheffield / Derbyshire / Manchester, Derbyshire


Professional & Friendly Financial Advisers based around Sheffield, Derbyshire & Wakefield, specialising in Investment & Pension Advice as well as dealing with all aspects for corporate clients including Auto Enrolment, Key man Insurance and Profit extraction programmes.


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I get a great satisfaction in helping people with potentially complicated and very personal subjects. I love building long term relationships with clients and getting to know them and their families over the years and providing genuine value for the client.

I got into the industry to take over the family business and give my father a way of retiring whilst giving the option for him to still be a part of the business.

Whilst relatively young, i have over 9 years of experience in the financial services industry and i am constantly improving my knowledge and skills by taking further exams than necessary. I have a keen interest in creating and protecting wealth for clients in an easy to understand way and give them the tools to track their investments as well as educating clients about financial areas so that they can serve themselves better as well.


With our market leading technology, you can keep track of your investments 24/7 in a secure environment and even make extra investment contributions without us having to do work on your behalf. We have specialist knowledge of investments and can dig a lot deeper into why you should have a certain investment than many other advisers. We have access to many funds which are exclusive and would normally require a minimum investment of £10 Million in some of them, but you have access to them through us with no minimum amount. We understand what risks your comfortable with and will never push you into anything. At the end of the day we only want happy clients!

The first part of the pension advice process is to identify your retirement goals and get a picture of your ideal lifestyle in retirement. We will then calculate how much income you need to achieve that lifestyle. We will however be realistic with you and not create false hopes. We will be honest with you at all times. We will carry out a full audit of your existing pensions with the aim of answering as many of the above questions as possible. This will enable us to get a picture of where you are now and how we can help to improve your pension fund if necessary. After creating a retirement plan for you, we highly recommend that you review your plan with us on a regular basis, at least once a year. At a review, we will make sure you are on the right track to achieve your goals and what adjustments if any you need to make to your pension plans.

Planning your affairs for after you are gone might not be a subject you like to think about, but being pro active in organising your financial affairs could mean the difference between setting your loved ones up for an easier future or leaving them with a great headache as well as the loss of a loved one. It’s more and more likely that you will need to consider inheritance tax in your financial plans. Although it used to affect only the very wealthy, a general rise in house prices over the past decade means that more people have fallen into the inheritance tax bracket.

As your mortgage is likely to be your single largest financial commitment, it pays to explore all your options, from product type to repayment method before signing on the dotted line. We realise that you want your mortgage completed quickly with as little expense as possible. So that is precisely what our advice process is designed to achieve for you. Finding the best mortgage with independent advice ensures you pay less and don’t end up with options you don’t need.

Life Insurance Should Be The Corner Stone Of Any Financial Plan Don’t let bad luck decide your financial future. We all know life is full of uncertainties – unfortunately some of these uncertainties can harm or even ruin you financially. That’s why financial protection is so important. Financial protection insurance gives you the peace of mind of knowing that no matter what happens in life you will at least be able to cope financially during a difficult time. Financial protection insurance is often overlooked when developing a financial plan, although it is one of the best forms of protection against life’s calamities, including financial hardship caused by serious illness, injury or death.